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Car-to-Car Collision Cover (C2C)

70% of total road accidents that occur on the road is due to car to car collision. No matter how careful you are when it comes to driving, accidents may still come without a warning.

This is the first and only car collision insurance in the Philippines that provides protection for your vehicle against physical damage. With the unique and flexible features of this product, you can customize your coverage according to your needs.

With minimum additional premium, you can extend your coverage depending on your needs:

Excess Bodily Injury
Reimburse all your expenses in respect to bodily injury in excess of the Limits of Liability indicated in Sections I and II of your CTPL policy.

Property Damage
Reimburse all your expenses in respect of damage to a Third Party Property provided that your liability shall have first been determined.

Auto Passenger
Reimburse all your expenses in respect to bodily injuries caused by accident whilst driving and riding the insured vehicle.

Roadside Assistance
Get 24/7 road assistance service that will take care of you and your vehicle in case of accident related situations thru Paramount Assist, your 24/7 road assistance hotline that will take care of you and your vehicle while on the road.

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Acts of God
Automatically covers all your expenses for damages caused by natural disasters such as flood, typhoon, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other convulsion of nature.