Designed for You

Being a provider, you understand how hard it is to strive for your family. The breadwinner of the family is constantly under pressure to provide for the family. You work to the very best of your ability because you know how much of a beautiful life your family deserves.

Although, you also have to think, what if the time comes that you are unable to provide for them. You should relieve yourself of that worry. The Golden Life Advantage Plan was designed to provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that your family is secure for the future.

  • Individuals from 40 to 75 years old can enroll
    • Coverage is up to age 99 and payment period is only for 10 years
  • Different plan options are available for each client’s needs
    • Choose from 1 Unit to 20 Units
  • Affordable premiums
    • Premium prices begin at ₱413

Find a plan with the right coverage

Affordable Protection

Life insurance does not have to be expensive. The Golden Life Advantage Plan offers affordable premiums with adequate benefits to assist your family for the inevitable. With a payment period of only 10 years you can focus more on your family, the ones that matter the most.

Benefits you Need

Your family and their future are offered protection through a Life Benefit of up to ₱1,500, 000 and an Accidental Death Benefit that doubles up to ₱3,000,000.

Life Benefit

In the event that you pass due to natural causes your beneficiaries will receive a cash benefit. Grieving for a dear loved one is always difficult, this includes handling the expenses. This will assist your family financially as they cope with the unfortunate.

Accidental Death Benefit

In the event that you pass due to an accident, the amount of the Life Benefit automatically doubles. Sudden death chooses no time, you can never tell when the unfortunate will arrive. It is best that you and most importantly, your family is prepared.

Our Guarantees

Worldwide protection. You are covered no
matter where you are in the world.

Free look guarantee. You are not asked to pay your first premium upon application. Your policy contract will be sent first for your study.

Cash values begin to accumulate by the third year of your coverage.

No policy cancellation. Your policy cannot be
cancelled despite your change in health.

Premiums will not increase as you age.

Family First

Building your family was never an easy task, you had to go through many trials in order to protect them from any harm. You have built guards against any threat that might threaten your loved ones.

Life insurance acts as a safeguard, so nothing can destroy the foundation that is your family.

Protection for All

Considering all possibilities, you prepare as much as possible for your family. You know what your family deserves, you work hard to provide them with only the best, and the same principle applies in their future. Building a bright future for them can start now.

It is selfish to think of a future of only yourself, it is even more selfish to deprive your loved ones with the future that they deserve. With The Golden Life Advantage Plan, your family receives the help that they rightfully deserve.

How to Apply

Fill out the Application Form

Click the Apply Now button. You will be asked to fill out a form with the required information.


Review your Policy

Once we have received your form, we will process your application. You will receive an electronic copy of your policy contract through your given email address. A copy will also be sent to your given mailing address. You will have 10 to 15 days to study the given policy contract.

Pay your First Premium

If you find the provisions placed in the contract in order, you may proceed to paying your first premium at our authorized payment centers, to begin your coverage.

Our Offices

We have over 50 branches nationwide ready to serve your insurance needs.

A family that is protected for life, creates a bond that lasts for more than a lifetime. Safeguard your loved ones with the Golden Life Advantage today.