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Health Care Insurance Overview

Paramount Direct's Health Care Insurance plans are designed to reimburse the insured for the expenses incurred from a hospital confinement, surgical operation, diagnosis of dread disease, and prolonged hospitalization. 

Our plans are available to individuals from 20 to 75 years old.

No need to worry about the unexpected hospitalization or treatment expenses. Protect yourself and your family today!



Eligible Age 50 to 75 20 to 64  20 to 50
Payment Period Until Age 80 Until Age 70 10 Years
Coverage Period Until Age 80 Until Age 70 20 Years
Surgical Cash Benefit
Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
Daily ICU Cash Benefit
Dreaded Disesase Benefit
Convalescence Benefit
Inflation Benefit
Waiver of Premium Benefit
More More More

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