Premium HealthCare Plus Plan

Designed for You

Going through long term confinement can be a difficult process, especially when you become a senior. The Premium HealthCare Plus Plan was created to financially assist elderly clients who have to go through the ordeal of a lengthened confinement period.

  • Individuals from 50 to 74 years old can enroll
    • Coverage and payment period lasts until the age of 80
  • Different plan options are available for each client's needs
    • Choose from Plan 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000
  • Affordable premiums
    • Premium prices begin at ₱ 215.95

Find a plan with the right coverage

Affordable Plans

We understand how costly lengthy hospital stays can be. Each plan offers premium prices to accommodate your budget. The Premium HealthCare Cash Plan provides you with affordable care to further support you towards your path to recovery.

Benefits you Need

This plan offers additional hospital confinement protection through the Daily Cash Benefit, Daily ICU Benefit, Surgical Cash Benefit, and a Convalescence Benefit. You receive all these benefits on top of any existing coverage, like HMO’s or other insurance policies you may have.

Daily Cash Benefit

This is allocated for each day you are hospitalized, to assist you with your expenses due to confinement. It covers up to 365 days per illness, per confinement.

You may use this cash to pay for your hospital bills, any medicines you may need, or any debt you may have incurred during your hospitalization.

Daily ICU Benefit

The amount to be given on top of the Daily Cash Benefit, for each day you are to be confined in the ICU. It covers up to 365 days per illness, per confinement. We understand how difficult it is to be admitted in the ICU. However serious your illness is, this benefit acts as additional cash assistance to provide you and your family with a form of relief.

Surgical Cash Benefit

We understand how difficult it is to cope with recovery from surgery, especially since it can become costly. This benefit works for you by providing you with a lump sum to be paid for every covered surgery under your plan. To know more about the covered surgeries contact our office.

Convalescence Benefit

Getting hospitalized is already difficult, what more if your confinement requires prolonged attention. We want to lighten the load caused by that prolonged confinement. The Convalescence Benefit provides you with additional cash assistance for confinements that last for 30 days or more. This is paid on top of all your listed benefits.

Our Guarantees

As you age, premium rates and
cash benefits remain the same.

Cash benefits are paid
directly to you.

No medical exams or health questions. Guaranteed acceptance.

Your plan covers you in the
Philippines and around the world.

No policy cancellations.

Coverage begins once first premium is paid. No waiting for benefits.

Worry-free Recovery

Recovery may be difficult if you are worried over the expenses you have incurred from a long hospital confinement. This plan was designed to provide cash benefits which can be used in any way you choose, whether to assist in covering expenses incurred during each hospital confinement or by paying the bills left at home.

Stress adversely affects your recovery. Studies suggest that patients who were still stressed during their recovery from a heart attack had worse health outcomes. With the Premium HealthCare Cash Plan you can follow the bright path towards recovery.

How to Apply

Fill out the Application Form

Click the Apply Now button. You will be asked to fill out a form with the required information.


Review your Policy

Once we have received your form, we will process your application. You will receive an electronic copy of your policy contract through your given email address. A copy will also be sent to your given mailing address. You will have 10 to 15 days to study the given policy contract.

Pay your First Premium

If you find the provisions placed in the contract in order, you may proceed to paying your first premium at our authorized payment centers, to begin your coverage.

Unique Protection

Insurance protection does not come easy for seniors, especially when they are at an age when they need it the most. We stand on the belief that seniors deserve to be provided with healthcare insurance at a minimal cost.

Hospitalization protection can be yours at an affordable premium. You deserve healthcare protection regardless of your age. The other unique feature of this plan is that it guarantees the acceptance of your application regardless of your current health status, because everyone deserves protection.

Our Clients

"Tama ang desisyon ko na kumuha ng policy para sa mother ko na senior citizen. Malaking tulong ang Paramount sa panahon ng pangangailangan."

- Eric Doromal, son of policyholder Lilia Doromal


At your age, you deserve to be protected from the increasing financial threats brought by sudden hospitalization. Enroll in the Premium HealthCare Plus Plan and you can begin feeling safer today.