Designed for You

A 20-year endowment plan that is designed to suit your insurance needs. This is a life & accident and savings plan that would help you achieve your future dreams, financial goals and cover unexpected hospital confinements.

  • For individuals from age 20 to 60 years old
    • Payment period is either 5 or 10 years, coverage is up to 20 years.
  • Plan options
    • We provided different plan variants that suit your needs
  • Affordable premiums

  • Application is FREE and acceptance is guaranteed

Find a plan with the right coverage

Note: Premium is based on your insurance age which is 6 months prior to your birthdate

  Life Benefit Hospital Income Benefit Accidental Death Benefit Waiver of Premium
Plan 100
Php 100,000 Php 500/day Php 100,000
Plan 150
Php 150,000 Php 1,000/day Php 150,000
Plan 200
Php 200,000 Php 2,000/day Php 200,000
Plan 250
Php 250,000 Php 3,000/day Php 250,000
Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual
Plan 100
Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00
Plan 150
Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00
Plan 200
Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00
Plan 250
Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00 Php 0.00

Benefits You Need

This plan offers comprehensive benefits including Life Benefit of as high as P500,000, Accidental Death Benefit of P500,000,
Hospital Income Benefit of P4,000 for each day of confinement and Waiver of Premium on Disability.

Life Benefit

The Life Benefit shall be payable to you if the Insurance Policy is in force and you remain alive after the 20-year coverage period. In case of your sudden death due to natural causes, your beneficiaries will receive the lump sum cash benefits of up to Php500,000.

Accidental Death Benefit

This is an additional benefit that is payable to the beneficiary/ies when you die due to an accident.

Accidental Death Benefit rider saves your family from financial losses caused by your sudden demise.

Hospital Income Benefit

This is an additional benefit that provides daily hospital cash assistance in case you are hospitalized due to sickness, injury or dread disease.

All cash benefits are directly paid to you thus, giving you the privilege to choose how and where to spend it - whether to pay for medical expenses or any additional expenses incurred during hospital confinement.

Waiver of Premium on Disability

This is an additional benefit that waives premium in the event that you become seriously injured or disabled.

Waiver of Premium on Disability Rider gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are still protected during this trying times.

Our Guarantees

Worldwide protection. You are covered no matter where you are in the world.

Free look guarantee. You are not asked to pay your first premium upon application. Your policy contract will be sent for your study.

Cash values begin to accumalate by the third year of your coverage.

No policy cancellation. Your policy cannot be cancelled despite your change in health.

Premiums will not increase as you age.

Reach Your Financial Goals

Sure Savings Plan is your tool in creating wealth for you and your family. Making that investment will provide security, protection and gets you closer to living the life you are meant to live. Thus, making it easy for you to make your dreams come true.

Prepare For Your Retirement

Make the most out of your golden years! After enduring those long years working, you are now prioritizing yourself above all else. Inevitably, we are scared to believe that nothing lasts. But that belief is about to change - some things do last because Sure Savings Plan offers great savings opportunity for the future. Start saving while you are young so you get big returns when you retire.

Secure Your Family's Welfare

You work very hard to provide the needs of your family but no matter how stable your income is at present, it is still important to have an insurance plan that will provide peace of mind and financial security when the unexpected happens.

How to Apply

Fill out the Application Form

Click the Apply Now button. You will be asked to fill out a form with the required information.


Review your Policy

Once we have received your form, we will process your application. You will receive an electronic copy of your policy contract through your given email address. You will have 10 to 15 days to study the given policy contract.

Pay your First Premium

If you find the provisions placed in the contract in order, you may proceed to paying your first premium at our authorized payment centers, to begin your coverage. authorized payment facilities to begin your coverage.

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