Any policyholder who is confined in a hospital for at least 18 hours as a resident patient may apply for a hospitalization claim benefit, subject to the company’s approval upon submission of the following and other pertinent documents:

  • Duly accomplished claim form:
  • Original copy of Record or details of consultations and treatments in the past.
  • Itemized Hospital Statement of Account showing the time and date of admission and discharge.
  • Original or true copy of Hospital Admitting History and Discharge Summary or Medical Abstract which you can obtain from the Records Section of the hospital (certified by Paramount Direct).
  • Record or details of operation (if surgical operation was performed).
  • Results of laboratory procedures and diagnostic examinations.
  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs of the insured (e.g. passport, SSS, TIN, Comelec, etc.).
  • Any other additional documents as the company may require later.


The following documents must be submitted when filing an application for death claims:

  • Original copy of Claimant’s Statement (click to download the form) duly accomplished by every beneficiary of legal age.
  • Original copy of Claimant’s Authorization (click to download the form).
  • Original Identification of the Deceased (click to download the form).
  • Original copy of the Certificate of Attending Physician (click to download the form).
  • Original or true copy of death certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar of the place of death, bearing his signature and seal of office (certified by Paramount Direct)
  • Original policy contract or if lost or could not be found Affidavit of Loss executed by the beneficiary/ies.
  • Birth or Baptismal certificate of the deceased.
  • Birth or Baptismal certificate of the beneficiary / ies.
  • Marriage contract of the spouse-beneficiary.
  • Original copy of Affidavit of surviving heirs if the beneficiary is already deceased.
  • Any other additional papers as the company may require later.


  1. To file a claim for the Semestral Benefit:
    • Submit a copy of birth certificate on or before the schedule of the first semestral benefit.
    • Subsequent semestral benefit will automatically be issued and delivered to the policyholder as scheduled.
    • Semestral benefit checks will be available every May and October.
  2. To file a claim for the Graduation Gift:
    • Submit the original policy contract (Affidavit of loss, if lost) on or before attaining the insurance age of 21 years old.
  3. To file a claim for the Contingent Benefit:
    • Beneficiary should submit the death claim requirements stated above if the policyholder is deceased.
    • If the policyholder is permanently and totally disabled, submit the medical records or certification showing such condition.

Maturity Benefits (MPP, TMS, MSP, TMP)

Policyholder must submit the following requirements:

  • Original policy contract (Affidavit of loss, if lost)
  • Copy of 2 valid IDs
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate

Once completed, forward all the requirements to the Head Office, any PLGIC branch, email to or fax to (02) 772 - 9264.

Benefit checks of all approved claim applications shall be available within 10 to 15 business days (for pick-up or courier delivery) from the receipt date of the complete requirements.