go protect plan

Get Life Protection for up to age 75 years old and financial security, for the beneficiaries, upon the death of the insured.


Designed for You

Life insurance may not be a priority for some people - this is something you truly need.

Go Protect allows you to prepare for life’s uncertainties. By securing one, you are not only protecting your loved ones from future financial and emotional struggles, but you are also making their lives easier, with lesser worries, even when you are no longer around.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance for individuals between:
     - 18 to 60 years old (if 10 years to pay) or
     - 18 to 54 years old (if 20 years to pay)
  • Life protection for up to 75 years old
  • Life benefit of up to Php800,000
  • Different plan variants to choose from
  • Affordable premiums
  • Optional riders for added protection includes Accidental Death and/or Waiver of Premiums

Find a plan with the right coverage

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Payment Period
Note: Premium is based on your insurance age which is 6 months prior to your birthdate.
Plan 100 Plan 300 Plan 500 Plan 600
Monthly Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00
Quarterly Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00
Semi-annual Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00
Annual Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00
Life Benefit Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00 Php 0,000.00

Plan 200 and 400 are also available.

Benefits You Need

Receive Life Benefit of up to Php800,000.

Life Benefit

While there is nothing more painful than losing a loved one, having life insurance provides a huge impact on the lives of the people you will leave behind.

All the life benefits will be given to the beneficiaries if the death of the insured is due to natural causes. This would help them pay for financial obligations and get a fresh start.

Optional Riders

Accidental Death Benefit

We’ll never know when accidents may happen. And most probably, you don’t want to leave your family with financial burdens.

Accidental death benefit rider provides up to 10-year coverage. All the death benefits will be given to the beneficiaries if the death of the insured is due to accident.

Waiver of Premium on Disability

Now you are healthy, tomorrow you are not! That’s the reality of life and you need to be financially prepared in case you become seriously ill or disabled.

Waiver of Premium on Disability Rider provides up to 10-year coverage. This gives you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are still protected during these trying times.

Conditions on Life Coverage

Life Benefits are payable after your policy has been inforce for two years. Should the insured dies due to natural causes during this initial two-year period, all premiums paid will be refunded at 3% compound interest.

Our Guarantees

Premiums will not increase as you age

“Free look” guarantee

Cash values begin to accumulate by the third year of your coverage.

Acceptance is Guaranteed. Your application will not be denied due to the current state of your health.

Guard Your Family’s Future

Your family or loved ones’ welfare matters to you most, that’s why you give everything to make their life happy and comfortable.

Strategize your finances by setting aside a portion of your income. Go Protect Term helps you in keeping your promises in providing a secured financial future for your loved ones.

How to Apply

Fill out the application form

Click the Apply Now button. You will be asked to fill out a form with the required information.


Review your policy

We will start with the process once we received your application. An electronic copy of your policy contract will be sent to your email address and you have 10 to 15 days to study it.

Pay your first premium

Pay your first premium if you find the provisions in the contract in order at our authorized payment facilities to begin your coverage.

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We have over 30 branches nationwide ready to serve your insurance needs.