for Electronic Commerce of Insurance Products for CY 2019

Our History

Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation traces its roots back to May 1950 when it formally started its non-life insurance business as the Paramount Insurance and Surety Corporation. In a few short years, Paramount successfully established a strong market presence in the small to medium retail business segment. Guided by an experienced management team and highly professional staff, Paramount became quickly known as the Bayad Agad™ company for its business practice of quick claims settlement.

In February 1993, Semper Insurance Corporation was established to extend Paramount’s range of services to include the corporate and medium to large business market segments. Its strong emphasis on service excellence and reliability mirrors its corporate philosophy of Service is Our Policy™.

1997 was a milestone for Paramount as a new Paramount General Insurance Corporation was formed with the entry of two new strategic investors: the Lucky Tableware Group of Cebu, the Philippines’ leading manufacturer of glass containers, enamelware and porcelain ware; and the ANJ Group of the Tahija Family of Indonesia whose interests include financial services, infrastructure development, and mining.

In 2001, Paramount acquired the Philippine operations of the Union Insurance Society of Canton, Ltd. from AXA of France, further strengthening its position in the Philippine general insurance industry. To reflect this new acquisition, Paramount General became known as Paramount Union Insurance Corporation.

Then in 2002, Paramount expanded into the life insurance business by acquiring the Philippine branch of Netherlands-based AEGON Life N.V., AEGON Life Insurance Philippines, and was granted a composite license by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines to operate the business of life and general insurance. In the same year, Paramount was renamed to its present corporate name, Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation and increased its paid-up capital to Php 150 Million Pesos.

Continuing its growth strategy of organic growth and consolidation, Paramount acquired the Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation’s Individual Life Insurance Portfolio in 2005.

In 2010, Paramount further established its presence in the insurance industry with the launch of its “Madaling Kausap” campaign. Then in 2011, Paramount further increased its Paid-up Capital to Php500 Million Pesos bringing its total Net Worth to over Php1.7 Billion Pesos and assets of over P4 Billion Pesos.

In 2012, Paramount acquired Sony Life Insurance Philippines for its unique, needs-based Life Planning sales channel thereby completing the company’s capability to service the entire market spectrum of the insuring public. The acquisition of Sony Life Insurance Philippines’ life insurance portfolio further enhanced Paramount’s presence in the industry.

Now, with over 25 non-life branches and 50 life branches in number nationwide, Paramount has one of the most extensive sales and marketing networks in the industry. It is also the leading insurance provider for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the Philippines.

In 2017, Paramount aims to grow its business through responsible and safe electronic commerce of its insurance products.


Our Customer Charter for E-Commerce shall assist and guide you, our customers, on the process of availing affordable and accessible insurance coverage. Through electronic commerce, we aim to provide insurance protection in a more convenient manner without sacrificing the quality of our service and the safety of your information.

This charter shall answer questions you might have while in the process of availing of our company’s online services — from the definition of e-commerce, to our company’s responsibility to you, exhibited through our 8-point commitment. Through this charter, we shall help you understand how we can protect what is important to you, our customers.

What is electronic commerce of insurance products?

Electronic commerce is a commercial activity which involves buying, selling, or providing insurance products and services online or via the internet.

With e-commerce, consumers and insurance companies may now transact business online, without the need of personal interaction.

What is Paramount Direct?

Paramount Direct is the direct marketing arm of the company that engages in electric commerce. It offers an extensive list of Health Care Insurance, Life & Accident Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance and Travel Insurance products that cater to your security and protection needs. Each product is designed to fulfill specific needs and deliver the protection straight to you through mail, e-mail and our website.

What are our commitments to you?

  1. Customer privacy
  2. Quality services
  3. Transparent product information
  4. Prompt response to inquiries and complaints
  5. Safe and secure operations
  6. Fair business practices
  7. Trustworthiness and Dependability
  8. Steadfast with our Vision-Mission and values
  • Customer Privacy
  • We ensure the privacy of any information we receive from you and other stakeholders. Our employees, officers and directors follow strict standards of confidentiality in dealing with personal and sensitive information from customers. No personal or sensitive information beyond what is necessary for the transaction shall be collected from you.

    For more on our Privacy and Security Policy, you may visit:

  • Quality services
  • We assure you of fast transactions without compromising quality service. We ensure our customers that the policy shall be prepared, billed and completed as agreed. In case an unavoidable error shall occur in the transaction, it shall be corrected and you shall be notified of this adjustment.

    You, as customer, shall not be held liable for charges: (1.) on transactions you did not authorize; (2.) for insurance products different from what you applied for; (3.) if we fail to provide material information about the insurance products; and, (4.) on insurance policies not delivered on the time specified.

  • Transparent product information
  • We value our customers who participate in electronic commerce with the same level of transparent and effective consumer protection not less than that afforded in other forms of commerce. We shall provide you accurate and easily accessible information, sufficiently describing the insurance product and other services offered, including related costs, to enable you to make an informed decision whether to enter into the transaction.

  • Prompt response to inquiries and complaints
  • Our people are more than willing to assist you with your queries and provide step by step resolutions to your inquiries and complaints. We adhere to our vision as a Madaling Kausap company – your inquiries and complaints shall be dealt with by our employees with utmost expediency.

    We shall acknowledge your complaint within seven (7) business days of receipt. This service is free of charge, and shall be recorded and monitored to avoid similar complaints. You may file your complaint online or offline, through our contact details found here:

  • Safe and secure operations
  • As consumers are made aware of new mechanisms in purchasing insurance products with just a click of their fingertips, a greater responsibility of protecting the interests of the customers are consigned to us, as an insurance provider. We promise you safe and secure operations at all times by providing easy-to-use and secure payment mechanisms.

  • Fair business, marketing, and advertising practices
  • Our people, especially those responsible for e-commerce transactions, are well-informed of the principles of fair business practices. We are aware that in order for our company to achieve its vision and gain your trust, we commit to adhering to fair business, marketing and advertising practices.

    We shall not transmit marketing e-mail without your consent unless you are already a client of the company.

  • Trustworthiness and Dependability
  • The relationship that we cultivated with our customers through the years proves that we can be trusted with your insurance needs and you can depend on our people and services. Your rights as customers and our obligations as insurance providers are what drive our company to be trustworthy and dependable at all times. Our people are always free to assist you in your queries on your application and shall guide you through the whole process.

  • Steadfast to our Vision-Mission and Values
  • Consistent with our company’s Vision-Mission and values, we are committed to protecting what is important for you. As our goal to be the best managed insurance company in the Philippines, this vision-mission always reminds our employees to put you, our customer, first.

What are the Products and Services offered by Paramount Direct?

Our website is our electronic marketplace where you can access the following wide range of insurance products and services:

  • CTPL
  • CTPL offers to pay all sums necessary to discharge liability of the insured in respect to bodily injury and/or death to any Third Party, in an accident by or arising out of the use of the scheduled vehicle. If availed, CTPL will pay any claim for bodily injury and/or death to any Third Party without necessity of proving negligence of any kind.

How do we process your application?

Agents and intermediaries will get the complete details of your personal information and the details of your vehicle to be insured which will be encoded into the system. They will provide you quotations and, when acceptable to you, proceed to the issuance of the policy.

You may also directly input your personal information and the details of your vehicle to be insured in our site, where we can directly give you a quotation for the coverage selected. Should you find the quote acceptable, a digital copy of the policy will be generated and sent to your e-mail with payment instructions for the applicable premium. Please print the digital copy for your file and for the processing of your claim.

Who to talk to and ask questions? For inquiries on in-force policies, you may contact the Policy Services Department and for questions and clarifications regarding applications, you may contact the Marketing Team of Paramount Direct at +632 8539 5200. Our other contact information may be found here on

How fast is the process? You shall receive the digital copy of your policy within 1-2 working days upon submission of your application online.

What documents and other requirements to present? Clients who shall be availing of CTPL and CTPL Plus® coverage through Agents and intermediaries shall only be required to submit the Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (ORCR) of the vehicle.

How much is the premium? The premium shall be based on the experience rate of the client—to be generated by the system from the information provided, the type of vehicle, and the percentage of coverage chosen by the client.

How do we process your claim?

We shall require the following documents:

  1. Xerox copy of Driver’s license with ID
  2. Xerox copy of Car Registration with Official receipt (OR/CR)
  3. Pictures taken by our inspector
  4. Estimate from our accredited dealer/ shop
  5. Print out of the digital copy of policy

In addition to the above documents, we also require the following:

  • for CTPL Claims:
    1. Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (ORCR)
    2. Driver’s License
    3. Medical Certificate
    4. Doctor’s Prescription
    5. Statement of Account of Hospital

    *Upon submission of all required documents, the CTPL claims process shall take 1-2 working days.

How can you contact us?

For questions and concerns, you may:

  • visit us at 11/F Sage Hose, 110 V.A. Rufino Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229, Philippines
  • call us through the following numbers:
  • Landline: +632 8539 5200
  • Smart Line: +63998 842 1957
  • Globe Line: +63917 558 3969
  • send us an email us at (Note: Kindly indicate your concern in the subject of your e-mail, e.g. Inquiry, Claim, Complaint, or Customer Support).