How to Find the Best Hospitalization Insurance

As the saying goes, health is wealth, and the older you get the more precious your health becomes. For younger people, recovering from illness and injury can take as little as a matter of days, but for seniors the story can be very different. Older people have more fragile immune systems, and you may find that recovery from sickness can take much longer for elders.

Despite the best efforts of senior citizens to keep healthy, sometimes hospitalization is unavoidable. Hospitalization costs in the Philippines can often be expensive, and with long recovery periods for older patients. Coupled with the maintenance medicines you might already be taking, medical costs can climb quite high for many elders thus, the need for the right hospitalization insurance plan.

Why Get Insurance for Hospital Admission?

Health insurance in the Philippines can often be costly, and many Filipinos would rather opt for cheaper plans due to the high costs of other daily needs. While over 93% of Filipinos are now covered by social health insurance under PhilHealth, the coverage may not be enough to address the costs of hospital admission, especially lengthy stays.

For older individuals, especially those 50 years and above, getting sick may mean more than just a simple visit to the doctor. Weaker immune systems and other illnesses accumulated over a lifetime may equal longer hospital stays and costly procedures. These aspects of your medical history may not always be covered by regular health insurance plans, and you may need to look for one specific to your needs, especially as you grow older.

Hospitalization can be expensive in the Philippines especially, and without the proper hospitalization insurance, the costs can be astronomical. Coupled with the fact that many retirees and senior citizens are only living off their savings and pension, the need for the right plan that addresses this need is apparent.

Finding an affordable health insurance plan that caters to long confinements can be difficult, but it's not impossible. In order to lessen your stress during your long hospital stay, which can hinder your recovery and delay you even further, you need a plan that is flexible, affordable, and specific to your needs. Regular health insurance plans may not cover what needs to be covered when it comes to lengthy confinements, which is why you need a plan that does all that and more.

How Much is the Best Insurance for Hospital Stays?

Many people dread hospital stays not because of the procedure or boredom, but because of the bills that are sure to follow. Simply staying in a semi-private room in a hospital can cost as much as a stay in a good hotel, and confinements can often stretch out from days into weeks depending on recovery. This makes hospitalization one of the most expensive aspects of falling ill, as well as one of the most serious indicators of illness.

Most insurance plans will only cover hospitalization up to a certain point, which is fine for shorter stays but may spell disaster for longer periods of confinement. Luckily, Paramount Direct has the Premium HealthCare Plus Plan, which was designed specifically for senior citizens undergoing long confinements.

The Premium HealthCare Plus Plan has different plan options available for every client's needs: Plan 500, Plan 1000, Plan 2000, Plan 3000, and Plan 4000. Its premiums start as low as Php 216 per month for Plan 500, meaning that it won't be a burden on your pension and savings.

The plan also offers several benefits, including Daily Cash Benefit that covers up to 365 days per illness per confinement, Daily ICU Benefit given on top of the Daily Cash Benefit, a Surgical Cash Benefit lump sum to be paid for every covered surgery under your plan, and a convalescence Benefit that provides additional cash assistance for confinements lasting 30 days or more. All of these benefits are paid in addition to your existing coverage or HMO plans, making the Premium HealthCare Plus Plan one of the most flexible and affordable plans around.

The Premium HealthCare Plus Plan also stands out by keeping premium rates and cash benefits the same even as you age, unlike other plans that increase premiums once you reach a certain age bracket. The plan's cash benefits are also paid directly to you, meaning you can choose where or how to spend your benefits.

What is a Good Health Insurance for Hospitalization in the Philippines?

Paramount Direct's Premium HealthCare Plus Plan is one of the best health insurance plans around that caters specifically to hospitalization. The plan is designed for clients aged 50 to 74 years and includes coverage for long-term confinements and covered surgeries.

Senior citizens already have some difficulty recovering from long illnesses or major injuries, and the added stress of hospital bills may only serve to delay that recovery. This plan aims to reduce the anxiety brought on, not only by the recovery process but also by the financial aspects of hospitalization. Rather than forcing you to tap into your savings, the Premium HealthCare Plus Plan allows you to breathe easy and relax knowing that your stay is covered.

The plan is also designed specifically for seniors, who often have difficulties finding the right health insurance plan at affordable rates. Health insurance for retirees in the Philippines can be prohibitively expensive, but Paramount Direct believes that seniors deserve to have health care insurance at minimal cost, regardless of age.

The Premium HealthCare Plus Plan has coverage both in the Philippines and around the world, making it perfect for clients no matter where they are. Unlike other programs, it has guaranteed acceptance and does not require a medical exam or health questionnaire. Coverage also begins once the first premium is paid, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you're protected.

Simply click the sign-up link below, and give yourself a worry-free recovery, with all the rest that you need.