How to Find Affordable Health Insurance for Retirees

For many Filipinos in the workforce, retirement is one of the best things to look forward to. After decades of the daily grind, it's your chance to finally rest, relax, and do the things you've been too busy with work to do. Many people use this time of their lives as an opportunity to travel, learn new skills or languages, and finally enjoy their savings.

But age can bring with it different concerns, especially when it comes to your health. Rising costs of medicine and hospitalization bills are just a few of the new worries you'll have to deal with as you get older. Luckily, you can stop yourself from spending your retirement years struggling with hospital bills simply by picking the right health insurance plan.

What Is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Your company may have offered you a health insurance plan or HMO during your working years. If you've stayed with the same employer for several years, you may have taken for granted the changes in benefits or premiums as you age. There could be a chance that your plan may cease once the employer-employee relationship comes to an end, or it may have increased premiums as you aged.

Older people may expect to pay higher premiums for their health insurance, as they pose larger insurance risks. For new retirees who are now looking to budget their savings and pension, the temptation to set aside new health insurance payments as unnecessary might be great. But as you grow older, health insurance for retirees in the Philippines becomes more necessary, rather than less.

A big part of retirement planning includes thinking about health care costs. Due to decreased bone mass and a weaker immune system, as well as the surfacing of lifestyle diseases, older people are more prone to diseases and illnesses. This can mean additional hospital expenses on top of daily life expenses, which may tip your budget into the red. Having a health insurance plan that caters specifically to your demographic is thus incredibly essential, as it may save you more money in the long run.

Seniors' health insurance might seem like another added expense, but it's always best to be prepared for the unexpected. The best health insurance plan will be tailored to your specific needs, at affordable premiums that won't stretch your budget every month. And when you're faced with your changing needs and budget as you grow older, you'll find that you need all the help you can get.

Rather than sitting by and letting the chips fall where they may, it's better to be proactive and seek out a plan that's appropriate for your age group, lifestyle, and finances.

What are the Health Insurance Options for Seniors?

Which health insurance plan is designated for the elderly? One thing that you might notice as you start your search for the right health care or insurance plan for retirees is that many of the plans geared towards seniors have several restrictions, or may require multiple tests before acceptance. These can often be a hassle to deal with, as you may end up paying monthly premiums before discovering that your illness isn't covered, or may end up paying for expensive medical tests simply to apply.

Start looking for a health insurance program that is designed specifically for the elderly, without the restrictions offered by so many insurance providers. The senior citizen health insurance plan which is best for you is the one that caters to your needs while still being affordable. Paramount Direct's PrimeCare Cash Plan is a hospitalization plan that does just that, tailored specifically for clients who are 50 to 75 years old, with coverage until 80.

The PrimeCare Cash Plan was designed to ease the financial burden of hospital bills on retirees, with premiums and benefits to prove it. It provides cash assistance that serves as an aid when dealing with the rising costs of hospitalization, allowing you to focus on your recovery without having to worry about the bills.

The PrimeCare Cash Plan provides members with daily cash assistance and benefits for each day of hospitalization. It includes a Daily Cash Benefit covering up to 365 days per illness per confinement, a Daily ICU Benefit to be given on top of the Daily Cash Benefit for confinements in the ICU, and a Surgical Cash Benefit to be given in lump sum. Members also have the freedom to spend these benefits any way they wish, whether on the hospital bills themselves or any other additional expenses.

How Much is Health Insurance for Seniors?

Another thing that may turn up when looking for the right health insurance plan would be the cost. As retirees and senior citizens pose larger insurance risks, your premiums may be higher than they were ten or twenty years ago. Given the constraints of living on a budget, these higher premiums can put many off from getting health insurance.

You may have started off this journey asking, "Where is the cheapest health insurance?" When it comes to the question of price, the PrimeCare Cash Plan is one of the best on the market. It offers several plans specific to your different needs, allowing you to choose from Plan 500, Plan 1000, Plan 2000, Plan 3000, or Plan 4000. These plans will help cushion the expenses brought about by sudden and unexpected hospitalization.

What is the Best Health Insurance Plan for Seniors?

Picking the right health insurance plan for senior citizens may not be as easy as picking one for other age groups, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. It's still possible to find a health insurance plan that caters to the needs of the elderly without the need for exorbitant monthly payments.

The PrimeCare Cash Plan has affordable rates that make paying monthly payments a breeze. Its Plan 500 starts as low as Php 213 monthly; meaning that paying for insurance won't be a burden on your weekly or monthly expenses. This allows you to protect yourself and your retirement fund without sparing your health, giving you a healthy and happy retirement.

Besides affordable premiums, the PrimeCare Cash Plan also has guaranteed acceptance. No longer will you have to pay extra for medical tests— applying for a health insurance plan that has the best interests of retirees at heart is now as easy as submitting an application and paying your first premium. Your coverage also begins immediately after your first premium is paid, with no additional wait time, so you can rest easy knowing that you're protected.

In addition to this, the PrimeCare Cash Plan covers you in both the Philippines and around the world, making your post-retirement travels worry-free as well. These, and other options, make the PrimeCare Cash Plan one of the best health insurance options for early retirees and retirees.

Enjoying your retirement years without worrying over health and finances is possible. Simply click the sign-up button below, and you can look forward to a worry-free, hassle-free retirement.