How Do I Find the Best Health Insurance in the Philippines?

Finding the right health insurance can be difficult when you aren’t sure where to start. For those who are fresh out of university or have a growing family, or are now approaching retirement and don't want to tap into their savings, there are tons of factors that go into picking the right plan from the right health insurance corporation. With rising medical costs, having a good health plan is essential in keeping you and your family healthy and happy. If this sounds like a familiar problem, then here is what you should look for when picking out the right plan for you.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is the best way to ensure that you get the right medical care without the financial burden that often comes with it. Your health insurance provider absorbs the risk related to medical concerns and pays for or reimburses medical and surgical expenses that are included in the insured person's plan. Health insurance can keep your out-of-pocket expenses low while still providing you with the same quality of care that you expect.

How Much Is Monthly Health Insurance Going to Cost Me?

Whether you're a parent on a budget or a retiree dipping into your pension, finding affordable health insurance in the Philippines can be a tall order. Fitting monthly payments into your budget may be difficult, and plans with low premiums might not offer the kind of protection you and your family need.

Go for a health insurance plan that covers your needs without costing a fortune. This is a plan that will last you a long while, so finding the right mix of benefits for your budget is going to be essential. Paramount Direct offers a number of different plans at affordable rates that are geared towards specific age groups, so you know that you're picking the right plan for you.

How Long Do I Have to Wait?

Most HMO and health insurance providers will institute a waiting period of up to a month before you can take advantage of their services. Although that period of time can go by quickly, it's always best to find a provider who can give you your peace of mind as early as possible.

Paramount Direct is an insurance company that has no waiting time between signing up and the effectivity period of your plan. A plan that goes into immediate effect means that there's no wasted time, and you can get to protecting you and your loved ones as early as possible. So even in a worst-case scenario, you can rest easy knowing that you and your family won't be burdened by the weight of hospital bills.

Where Do My Cash Benefits Go?

Many insurance providers will have allotted a budget for certain items, such as surgery fees or hospital room costs. In most cases, you will have to work around which parts of your medical fees are covered by your cash benefits. This often involves a lot of discussion and budgeting in order to make sure that the insurance benefits are maximized.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to predict which aspect of your medical bills will need the most help. That's why it's best to look for a plan that not only has generous cash benefits, but also allows you the freedom to spend the money on whatever medical needs you have. Paramount's insurance plans give you the freedom to budget out your cash benefits according to what you need. This allows you to make the most of your insurance plan, and lightens the financial burden.

How Do I Get Accepted for Health Insurance?

While shopping around for health insurance, you may have come up with some questions. One of these questions might be, "What are the pre-existing conditions for health insurance?"

Truthfully, not all insurance providers are all-inclusive, and most require your medical records and a general examination before approving you for their plans. This can often mean taking a leave from work or spending time during your much-anticipated weekends to go to the hospital and have your tests done.

Paramount Direct's health insurance plans all have guaranteed, online acceptance. This means no more waiting in line to get your medical tests, and no more extra fees paying for your lab results. Instead, signing up becomes as easy as the click of a button, and the weight of worrying about your health gets lifted off your shoulders immediately.

What Health Insurance Plan Should I Get?

One of the deciding factors in picking out the right plan is whether or not it's appropriate for your age bracket. Different age groups will have different health concerns, and this will affect the kind of benefits you can expect to receive. For example, a senior citizen will have different health needs as compared to a young adult, and vice versa.

Pick a health insurance plan that's tailored for your age group and your health concerns. Some things to look out for are an affordable premium, daily hospitalization cash benefit, surgical cash benefits, and waiver of premium in case of hospitalization for thirty days or more.

For young adults and parents of young families, health insurance need not be an unnecessary burden. Unlike your standard HMO in the Philippines, where your premiums go up with every dependent, a good health insurance package will cover you and your family members with a flat rate premium. Paramount Direct's Healthcare Cash Plan does exactly that, with a payment period of 10 years but coverage up to 20 years.

Individuals approaching retirement age or retirees will be looking for health insurance plans that are affordable on their pensions, but still offer the same quality of service as other plans. Paramount Direct has the PrimeCare Cash Plan, which has several affordable plans that allow retirees to pay a minimal fee for quality health insurance.

Getting older is a fact of life, and seniors who are looking for health insurance packages will want one that's tailored specifically to their age group. With rising costs of medicine and hospitalization, getting the appropriate health insurance plan is more important than ever at this age. Paramount Direct's Hospital Income Benefit Plan caters specifically to individuals who are 20 to 64 years old, with coverage that lasts until age 70. This longer period of coverage gives senior citizens more room to breathe, without worrying about the cost of hospitalization to their savings.

For seniors looking for good long-term hospitalization packages, the question of rising costs is always an essential one. Many health insurance plans will bump up their prices according to age bracket, and this can be difficult for senior citizens who in particular are more prone to hospitalizations and confinement. Luckily, Paramount Direct's Premium Healthcare Plus Plan addresses those concerns by offering affordable plans with no increase in premiums, allowing seniors to get the benefits they deserve as they recover.

Why Invest in Health Insurance?

Why get health insurance? Health insurance might seem like just another thing to add onto your strained budget, but its benefits far outweigh the costs. Although you may have to pay a premium per month, there are insurance providers who have flexible and affordable plans. In return you get to rest easy knowing that any health crises or accidents that might befall you or your family won't end up breaking the bank.

With living and medical costs on the rise every day, and the uncertainty of accidents, sudden illnesses, or injuries, preparing in advance is always the best path to take. By investing in health insurance, you can guarantee that you and your loved ones don't have to worry about the burden of medical bills for years to come.

Paramount Direct's insurance plans offer affordable plans designed for specific age groups, cash benefits, and more. To ensure a healthier, happier future, simply sign up for any of the appropriate plans and rest easy knowing that your health and your finances are secure.