What is Holiday Heart Syndrome?

December 17, 2021

As soon as community quarantine restrictions were lifted in November and kids were allowed to go to public places, malls and restaurants were jam packed with people, young and old.

Why We're All Entitled to Be Healthy

December 10, 2021

Health is a state of being physically, mentally, emotionally and socially well.

Ways to Care for your Eyes, Nose and Throat

December 3, 2021

Experiencing ENT (ears, nose and throat) problems during this pandemic can easily make you feel anxious but not all symptoms are instantly related to COVID-19.

Freeing Yourself from Abuse

November 26, 2021

Violence is not just limited to physical abuse. Other forms include emotional, sexual, financial and verbal.

How to Protect You and Others While On the Road

November 19, 2021

Road accidents can happen to anyone at any time especially if you are being careless and less attentive.