Lessons to Learn From Enhanced Community Quarantine

May 15, 2020

In every crisis, people may develop fear, anxiety, depression and confusion as it greatly affects the economy and people’s lives. The pandemic COVID-19 has caused global economic and societal disruptions. For example, in the United States, around 3.28 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits, businesses are forced to close down and put off their investments; In Italy, over thousands of workers are affected and hundred thousands of families have changed their lives dramatically, same as with Japan, Singapore and other countries.

In the Philippines, although we are not a rich country and have not foreseen this deadly virus, the government is directly addressing this issue with robust, decisive and prompt measures. The institution had rolled out 200 billion pesos in emergency subsidies while 18 million pesos in low-income households in relation to the newly signed Bayanihan To Heal As One Act which grants the President to reallocate funds. Filipinos believe that working together can increase the chances of beating this crisis.

Filipino spirit still shines through despite the serious plight that the country is facing now. It’s been two months since the start of Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon and other provinces and it has brought many realizations and lessons to learn from our country’s current state such as:

Valuing the importance of family - Before the lockdown happened many of us were busy with our careers, schools, and friends. We often neglect our families, not knowing that these people will be the only ones who will stay beside us through ups and downs. But this pandemic brought us back together and helped us have intimate and stronger familial bond.

Now that all of us are asked to stay home to help stop the virus from spreading, we should take advantage of the time we have with our loved ones. Bond and look after one another. Make sure that everyone's healthy and let us do our best to show how much we value them.

To make ECQ more fun at home, create a daily exercise routine with all your family members like waking up early for a walk around the yard while catching the morning sun; assigning who’s going to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner; eating together as a family; expressing your thoughts about the ongoing pandemic; talking about your future plans when the crisis is over, and many more.

Staying healthy - Nowadays, health care in the Philippines are limited to COVID-19 patients. That’s why maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a practice since the first case was reported in the country in January 2020. While this health crisis is affecting the whole world, we’re all induced to feel uncertain about many things. The best that we can do is to develop new healthy habits.

Healthy living means you have to eat fruits and vegetables, take Vitamins, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, drink plenty of fluids, stay positive and remain calm. These will not only make you virus-free, but could make you live longer.

Having an emergency fund - When we were still living our normal lives, saving money was the least priority for most of us. We prefer spending our hard-earned money on out of town trips, staycations, parties, gadgets, luxurious collections etc. But now, COVID-19 has changed how all generations feel about saving.

Many are scared about the massive unemployment reports which made people rethink their way of living and now see the value having an emergency fund.

As everyone sees the whole picture, we should not solely rely on the government financial aid because that wouldn’t be enough to support everyone for an extended period of time. Emergency fund helps you get through difficult situations like what we are experiencing now.

Creating multiple streams of income - At this point, even the most stable companies are already hurting and have laid off some of their employees. That is why, having a second source of income is always a smart decision with or without a pandemic.

Due to the serious implication of COVID-19 for the economy, others opt to do online selling of essential or non-essential items, while others like the jeepney, tricycle, bus and shuttle service drivers who have ceased operations and lost their income are doing the “pabili” or pasabuy service where they risk their health to buy essential items for other people at a certain fee just to earn alternative income.

There are different ways on how to earn money, sometimes we just need to be pushed to our limits to get our creative juices flowing and know that we can actually do more than what we usually do. Surprisingly, the turn of events has led to something profitable.

Getting insured - No matter how perfect your life is, sickness may come without a warning. During this time of pandemic, everyone is anxious about getting sick and hospitalized because a simple flu can make you a Suspected Case or worse, COVID-19 positive. And the cost of hospitalization, especially if you are unprepared and unemployed can take a toll in your finances.

Being infected with the deadly virus brings fear for the following reasons: First, you are afraid of the physical pain that you will go through. Second, you are aware of the high costs of hospitalization. Third, you don’t know when to see your family again and lastly, you are worried about your family’s future in case you are not able to make it.

The least that you can do is to get insured. Insurance has been important ever since but not everybody appreciates it until the number of COVID-19 cases start increasing, including deaths and the possibility of unemployment is apparent. Filipinos become more eager to purchase an insurance policy, but what concerns them is affordability and reliability.

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You deserve to have peace of mind and tranquility for whatever life throws at you. Stay strong and healthy.