Start With a Healthy Lifestyle Change

January 18, 2019

Do you still have the holiday hangover? We all do, but it’s already 2019 and now is the best time to develop your new habits. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you think. By taking it one step at a time, you’ll be surprised with what you will achieve and become by end of this year. Here are some helpful tips to make it easier for you:

1. Eat healthy

Shed off those gained pounds from last year by lessening your sugar, fats, and rice intake. Eat a well-balanced meal. For example, during lunch or dinner, instead of eating pork or beef replace it with fish or chicken (without the skin),vegetables, a cup of rice and a slice of fruit. Avoid colored drinks like soda, iced tea or tetra packed juices. Having snacks in between meals, every 2 to 3 hours, is fine to keep you active for the day but it would be best if you choose any of the these suggested snacks: fruits, roasted peanuts, boiled egg white, steamed tofu, taho with no syrup, or vegetable salad without mayonnaise, dressing or cheese. Most importantly, drink up to 4-5 liters of water per day.

Changing your eating habits will not only make you slimmer, but also save you from having diabetes, highblood, kidney or liver disease. Eat healthy whenever you can!

2. Save money

Saving money becomes everyone’s top priority as soon as the new year starts, but not all could stay committed to it. To be able to become successful with this new habit, you have to know the reason why you need to save. Is it for travel, a new car, a new house, education or emergency? Set your goals, make a list then, identify how much you want to save every month.

Emergency, such as accident or sickness which requires  hospitalization, may eat up most of your savings especially when you don’t have a health card and/or health care insurance. Apply for a health care plan such as Hospital Income Benefit Plan or HealthCare Cash Plan. These products provide you with daily cash assistance during hospital confinements. Since all the benefits are directly paid to the insured, you get to decide how and where you will spend the money.

Learn the habit of saving as early as now and have a financially secure future!

3. Be active

Exercising does not have to be expensive. Whether you are a beginner or a serious exercise addict, you can download free workout apps on your phone. It will not cost you any cent but will help you achieve your new habit. A 30-minute daily workout can make a big change in your health and body.

For a more fun exercise, gather your friends or neighbors and arrange Zumba classes. You don’t only make them fit but you also help them make new friends and expand their network.

Get in shape and have that healthy glow.

2019 is your year! Don’t give up. As you develop these new habits, you will discover a better and healthier you.