How Much Do You Value Your Family?

March 27, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has spread to almost every country in the world and reached at least 446,000 infected. This crisis has instantly changed many lives. People are working and socializing remotely, sending air hugs to friends even if they are just 2 feet apart, sacrificing comfort and convenience and spending more time with their families at home. As the confirmed cases continue to rise in the Philippines, it brings fear to many Filipinos as no one knows what’s coming next. People get paranoid everytime they go out - trying to avoid everyone and spraying their grocery items with alcohol before they bring them inside their homes. If these ordinary people are overly suspicious, what more those who are risking their lives to save people?

Among the positive cases of COVID-19 and Persons Under Investigations (PUI) are doctors, nurses and hospital employees. One of them is an OB-GYN from St. Luke’s Hospital, Dra. Casas Torres. She tested positive on March 19 and feared that she might have infected her 4-year old daughter and elderly parents. Dra. Torres mentioned in her interview that she is not yet ready to die because her daughter needs her.

“Ngayon lang ako natakot. Napaiyak ako. Hindi pa ako handang mamatay, Kelangan pa ako ng anak ko. Sasabak pa ako sa giyera.” 

She suggests to those people who have relatives, friends or family members who are sick with COVID-19 to check on them and give them words of encouragement because this is not an ordinary battle.

"Kamustahin niyo mga kakilala nyong may sakit, mga naka-quarantine, at ang pamilya nila. Kailangan nila ng pagpapalakas ng loob," 

If there are two things that COVID-19 has taught us, it’s gratitude and mindfulness to the people around us, especially our family. Now that most of us are staying home, let us do our best to show how much we value our loved ones. 

1. Appreciate their presence - Because the pandemic is affecting everyone so radically, anxiety kicks in. Showing your appreciation even in small ways, makes healthy relationships and sets a positive atmosphere in your home. Look at your spouse with a smile on your face, pay attention to your children when they are saying something, or tell your partner that she cooks really well. Family is a blessing and their presence makes your life happy and blessed. 

2. Connect with them - Remember that ministry starts from home and communication is one of the secrets to a happier family. That is why, it is important to build up your family by spending time with them and saying positive words. Ask your children how’s school, who are their friends, what games are they playing on mobile or what are they going through. There are so many things to talk about. Take advantage of the time you have right now. 

3. Show that you need them - No matter how great your achievements are, always know that every individual needs a family. Now is the best time to shower them with love and care. Don’t let your family tear apart that it would be difficult to make it whole again. 

4. Check on their health and well-being - As we all know, aside from COVID-19, there are other health issues that Filipinos suffer from like diabetes, highblood, heart disease and many more. It is critical, especially these days to stay in shape and have a good health condition. Use the coronavirus lockdown to your advantage by eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise with your children every morning, and having enough sleep and rest. 

When this pandemic passes and everything’s back to normal, visit your doctor regularly in order to make sure that there are no abnormalities that indicate the presence of any illnesses. You may also make an appointment with your kids’ pediatrician to find out if there’s any vaccination needed for their growth. 

You and your family’s health should stay on top of your priority list. Think of this crisis as an opportunity to evaluate how you have been lately to your family. They may be one of those you have neglected because of your career or friends. 

Remember that whenever life gets hard, it’s the support of the family that will always matter to you. Don’t neglect the only people who care about you.