How to Invest in Your Grandparent’s Health

July 24, 2019

Investing is something that has to be planned ahead of time. Most young adults start to invest by the time they already have their first job. You can invest by saving, putting up a business, purchasing a small property or stocks. Those are the usual and basic investments for many, with a high chance of growing profit at a later time.

Many young Filipinos are investing not just for themselves but also for their families. Aside from money-growing investments, they want to help their families in need. In a typical Filipino family set-up, the older sibling in the family supports the younger ones through educational assistance or invests in something that will secure their parents' or grandparents' situation in the future. If you plan on helping the older members in your family, it is best to consider their health first. It should be a top priority when it comes to thinking or planning for investment, as diseases can be acquired and developed anytime without the person’s notice.

In the Philippines, the main causes of death amongst senior citizens are heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Heart disease is number one mainly because of a few obvious factors, which are physical inactivity, food choices and diet, unhealthy vices, and also if the family has a history of the same disease.

Cancer is included in the top killer diseases for seniors. There are different types of cancer that may be acquired from various sources. Due to its lack of a cure, cancer is linked to a high mortality rate not just in senior citizens in the Philippines, but also in most demographics in the country. Other causes of death in the Philippines that are not pre-existing conditions-related include pneumonia, gastrointestinal disorder, and accidents. With the outgrowing number of health concerns and death causes in seniors, having a healthcare investment for your elderly family or grandparents is not just an option but a necessity. Below are just a few ideas you can take note of when choosing to invest in your grandparents' health and well-being.

  1. Diet and Exercise. Securing health care protection for anyone in the family is essential, but most Filipinos set this aside because of financial incapacity. However, investing does not always have to take on a monetary form. You can always help your grandparents in a practical yet beneficial way. You may invest in their health by taking care of their diet and monitoring their regular exercise. Watching their diet can reduce their risk of diseases, and encouraging them to do regular exercise such as taking daily walks in the park will have a huge impact on their mind, body and overall health. If they get used to exercising and making healthy food choices, their chances of developing health problems common to their age group lessen.

  2. Regular Check-Up. Accompanying your elderly family members to the doctor is a simple way to create a good relationship with them and to monitor their health as well. Investing in regular doctor visits by paying in small increments for their check-ups is better than paying large amounts for hospital confinements caused by their unmonitored health conditions. The Philippines also has senior citizen benefits which include discounts in private medical facilities and free consultations in government hospitals and clinics, which are a big relief for senior citizens. Making time and effort in accompanying them is a modest and sincere form of gratitude and appreciation.

  3. Health Insurance. Securing health protection for your grandparents is the best investment you could give them. If you want them to have peace of mind and worry-free living, many health insurance companies offer health insurance plans that you can avail of for them. Providing them with a health plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to shell out a big amount of money. Insurance companies in the Philippines like Paramount Life & General insurance have a variety of affordable plans that come with easy and guaranteed acceptance application. One of these is the PrimeCare Cash Plan which is suitable for ages 50 to 75 years old. The plan guarantees a daily hospital cash benefit and daily ICU cash benefit of up to Php3,000 each per day for a maximum of 365 days, with surgical cash benefit up to Php60,000. These cash benefit payments may be spent in any way you wish, and your grandparents can enjoy this benefit anywhere because of the worldwide coverage.

    As long as the enrollee has permanent residency in the Philippines, he or she may apply, and you can apply for them easily online without any requirements needed. You are free to choose the most convenient way to pay since the plan has a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment schemes. The PrimeCare Cash Plan has a low monthly premium of Php213 depending on the age and is intended and designed for anyone as long as they're of eligible age. This health insurance will ensure that you and your grandparents can start to live freely without worry, especially when it comes to health concerns.

There are a lot of ways that you can invest in yourself and in your family. It may come in different forms and different ways, but at the end of the day having peace of mind is always the best thing that investments bring. It's time to give your grandparents a little token of appreciation by investing your time and effort in them and providing them with a stress-free and worry-free future. Apply for PrimeCare Cash Plan by clicking the APPLY NOW button below.