What Are the Main Causes of Death Among Seniors in the Philippines

June 26, 2019

Do you have fond memories of your parents when you were still small? Back when they were still young and energetic? During those times, your parents’ focus was all on the family. They made sure that you and your siblings are well taken care of, in good health, and well-provided for.

Your parents worked very hard to be able to give you the best, without any thought for their own future. With all of their day-to-day concerns, it would have been difficult for them to remember that one day they would get old, get tired, and retire. At the time, saving money for their retirement or future health care needs was probably not their priority.

While your parents may now look happy and fulfilled after raising a family and retiring, they also have to deal with the consequences of aging. Their immune system may start to weaken and years from now, different health problems may surface. In case of an emergency, are you ready to take responsibility for their elderly care? Do you have enough funds to support them in case they get sick and need to be admitted to a hospital? Now that you are an adult, it’s time to care for those who once cared for you.

In the Philippines, caring for elderly parents in your home is more common than sending them to elderly home care. Taking care of the elderly is part of Filipino culture, and many families prefer it more than paying for a caregiver agency and caregiver services. Many Filipino families will make their homes as safe as possible for older adults, especially those with health care issues, old age diseases, physical problems or other medical related issues.

Learn from the list below what are the main health issues and causes of death among the elderly, and what are the ideal solutions to overcome these health concerns or challenges:

  • Heart Disease is the top killer disease for both men and women in the Philippines.

    Despite numerous warnings from both health officials and other sources that stress, smoking, alcohol, sweets and fatty food greatly increase the person’s health risk, the average Filipino lifestyle can contain all of these at once. Add in the genetic factor, and it's no wonder that many older Filipinos have a history of heart disease or other cardiac-related issues.

    Caring for elderly patients such as your parents can be exhausting mentally and physically. However, despite the setbacks, no other home care for the elderly is best than in their own homes.

    Help them maintain a healthy mind and body, and let them exercise as well. Take them to parks or beaches where they can stroll and relax. However, it's also important to prepare for any eventuality. Given the high rates of heart disease among Filipinos, purchasing healthcare for senior citizens that would assist you and your family financially during unexpected events is definitely the smart thing to do.

  • Stroke is the second leading cause of death and disability for older adults. Medical care for stroke patients are mostly private and may cost you and your family from thousands up to hundred thousands of pesos. Although the Philippine government has a mandatory Philhealth coverage for senior citizens, not all of the costs will be covered. While public hospitals in the Philippines are technically free, the purchase of medicines will still be shouldered by the patient’s family or relatives.

    No one wants to be in a situation where all your savings have been used up and your debts have increased due to medical expenses. So, aside from buying the right kinds of food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, advanced planning by buying insurance or health care for the elderly is recommended.

  • Cancer is considered as the third leading cause of death among Filipinos and remains to be a national health priority in the country. The six most common cancers diagnosed for men in 2010 were lung, liver, prostate, colon, stomach, and leukemia, while breast, cervix, lung, ovary and liver were the most common for women.

    The University of the Philippines’ Institute of Human Genetics, National Institute of Health conducted a study and found out that 189 out of 100,000 Filipinos have cancer while 96 patients die of cancer every day. Prevent cancer in your family by exercising, keeping a healthy lifestyle, avoiding sweets, and by eating fruits and vegetables found in tomatoes, broccoli, kale, eggplant or citrus fruits.

    Healthy lifestyle promotion for the elderly is an important part of cancer prevention, and having a senior health care plan is a big advantage in protecting you and your family financially.

    As your parents get older, make it part of your routine to check on their health conditions by regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood tests, and regular checkups. You can also protect them from stress and financial worries by getting healthcare for senior citizens.

    Paramount Direct offers a senior care plan for ages 50 to 75 years old called PrimeCare Cash Plan. The PrimeCare Cash Plan helps you and your family address old age problems and financial concerns brought by sudden hospital confinements. Medical care for the elderly is expensive, but with PrimeCare Cash Plan, you get daily cash assistance if your elderly parents get sick and need hospital care. The cash benefit doubles in case of ICU confinement, and you can receive an additional cash benefit if hospitalization is due to a surgical operation. You get to receive all these benefits and more, for an affordable monthly premium of only Php213.

    Now, you can focus more on taking care of elderly patients, such as your parents, than worrying about expensive hospital bills. Don’t wait until sickness hit your ageing mother or father. Take this opportunity to apply for insurance for your parents while they are still healthy.

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