Go Protect Plan: Lit Protection for Millennials

February 21, 2020


As a millennial, you may think that purchasing life insurance is unnecessary not realizing that time passes so fast especially when you’re busy and before you know it, you’re way older and soon to start your own family and take on more responsibilities.

At this point, you may be experiencing your many firsts: job, car, home or relationship. You feel like you are at the peak of your life, you want to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, you’re at the top of your game and you just want to keep pushing yourself and not wanting to stop. And this is why YOLO was coined as one of the millennial languages. But despite having this YOLO mentality, one must still know that the perfect life is having that perfect balance of everything, including the balance between living now and planning for tomorrow. Preparing for the unknown, for the future’s uncertainties, the inevitable tomorrow.  

Getting life insurance while you are young and healthy has so many advantages. Aside from the premiums being low, it is a smart and responsible financial move.

What is Life insurance? This is actually a protection for your loved ones and your family.  This gives your family financial protection in case something happens to you. It provides you peace of mind knowing that all your bills, loans, and other expenses are taken care of when you pass. 

Paramount Direct launches its new Life Insurance product called Go Protect Plan. It's a Term insurance for 18 to 60 years old which can be payable in 10 or 20 years. The premiums for Term insurance like Go Protect Plan are affordable. It starts from P333 monthly and can vary depending on your age and chosen plan. For example, if you are 18 years old, and chose Plan 100 that is payable in 20 years, your beneficiaries will receive Php100,000 Life Benefit upon your passing.

Go Protect Plan is flexible. You can add riders such as Accidental Death benefit rider and Waiver of Premium on Disability benefit rider, for just a minimal additional premium.

  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider is the amount paid to your beneficiaries if death is due to an accident. In this case, the life benefit automatically doubles. 

  • Waiver of Premium on Disability Benefit Rider is when your succeeding premiums are waived in the event that you become seriously injured or disabled.

Apart from the benefits, Go Protect Plan accepts your application no matter what your health condition is. In short, no medical exam needed! Knowing your priorities and changing your mindset can shape your family’s financial future. To find out more about the Go Protect Plan, please visit www.paramountdirect.com.