Give Your Loved Ones a Lasting Gift

December 19, 2022

love and realationship

Did you know that the Philippines celebrates the longest Christmas? While others think 12 days of Christmas is long enough, our country begins its festivities once the “Ber” months hit right up until the beginning of January, making that a four-month celebration—longer than a season!


Christmas, also known as the birth of Jesus Christ, is one of the nation’s most important holidays, especially since 92% of Filipinos identify as Christian. From there, many traditions were born, from attending Simbang Gabi and making a Lantern to waiting for the Noche Buena feast and attending Paskuhan festivals. Even blasting Christmas songs as early as September!


But there’s one Christmas activity that we shouldn’t forget: the art of gift-giving.

love and realationship


Why don’t you give love on Christmas Day?


The Christmas season evokes a spirit of generosity in everyone. It’s not uncommon for us to give gifts to not only family members and friends, but also coworkers, inaanaks, teachers, and even your doctor’s beloved secretary. 


In fact, Filipinos have also gotten very creative and resourceful in giving presents. We have the Manito Manita (or Secret Santa, in other countries), as well as the Balikbayan Box packages from our OFW loved ones that they have their relatives sift through like a treasure chest.


Whether it’s big or small, Filipinos appreciate receiving gifts from those they love the most. A little goes a long way.


An enduring gift that protects.


For this Christmas, set yourself apart by giving your loved ones a different kind of giftone that lasts. 


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The gift of protection will last longer than any material gift. Choose health and security today.