Your Defense Against COVID-19

August 20, 2020

Metro Manila, including other regions, are in the fifth month since the government initiated community quarantine. COVID-19 has crushed a lot of dreams and spirits and we really need to be taking this virus seriously. 

Health experts advised that we should boost our immune system and take necessary steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones especially those who are above 60 years old, immunocompromised and have pre-existing health conditions

Here are some information that could help you get started. 

1. Eat healthy - The World Health Organization suggests that you eat healthily and stay hydrated. Drink water instead of consuming high in sugar or alcoholic beverages. Eat home-cooked meals, plenty of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating oily, fatty and salty food. 

2. Exercise - Quarantine can keep you safe at home but can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, putting a negative impact on your health especially the elderly’s. Physical activity and relaxation techniques clears your mind, keeps you calm, improves your focus and protects your health. Just make sure not to overdo it as it may compromise your immune system for a period of time. 

 A simple 30-minute daily exercise, even at a small space, could help you remain active during this pandemic. If you are working from home, make sure to stand up or walk around every 30 minutes. You can also follow some home exercise workouts on YouTube. 

3. Have enough sleep - Staying up late or not having adequate sleep may lower your immune system and can even have adverse health effects. Here are some of the reasons why sleep is good for you: (a) prevents weight gain; (b) lessens food cravings; (c) improves concentration; (d) gives energy; and (e) decreases the risk of heart disease. 

4. Take supplements - Having a modest amount of these 5 essential vitamins and minerals will help bolster your immune system. Thus, reducing the risk and severity of infections. 

Vitamin C helps fight against bacteria and infections; 
Vitamin D fights off infections as well as maintains strong bones;
Vitamin A regulates the immune system and protects you against infections by keeping your tissues and skin healthy; 
Vitamin E prevents cell damage and acts as antioxidant; 
Zinc boosts your metabolism along with helping heal wounds. 

5. Avoid stress - Staying home and spending most of your time online can be the main causes of stress. Hearing bad news about this virus and its impact on our economy could give you more anxiety that can lead to a decline in your emotional well-being. Instead, just focus on the things that could make you happy. Start by discovering your passion. Be a “chef mama/”papa”, try those new apps that focus on entertainment, get busy cleaning your house, watch feel-good movies or series, plant herbs or vegetables or sell products online. Use the technology to your advantage. 

Some senior citizens have less interest in technology which makes them prone to emotional distress. They are more interested in going to malls, but the lockdown has prohibited them from doing what they mostly enjoy which affects their social interaction. So, if you have an elderly at home make sure to check on them regularly, talk and laugh with them as often as possible. Find ways to keep an uplifting environment for them or try to set up a regular video call with the people they want to talk or get in touch with. 

6. Get vaccinated - Life hazards can be reduced in different ways, including vaccinations, which can protect people from getting sick and having serious illness. Flu and pneumonia vaccines play an important role during this time as these prevent a COVID-19 patient from developing complications. So, don’t wait until you get infected. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor and get these vaccine shots. 

7. Follow the safety protocols - By following these guidelines, you are helping in minimizing the spread of the virus and flattening the curve. 

Do proper handwashing - Keeping your hands clean is the best way to eliminate germs and viruses and to avoid getting sick. This is an important habit that you should also teach your kids. 

Wet your hands with water and use soap to scrub your palms and the back of your hands for at least 20 seconds. 

Wear a face mask and face shield - The government has made it mandatory to wear face masks and face shields to help slow down the virus. 

Mind your distance - COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person. That’s why maintaining a 6-feet distance from others will keep you safe. 

Disinfect - COVID-19 can also be transmitted through surfaces so make sure that you clean the exposed surfaces using 70% alcohol or disinfectant. Avoid making your own cleaning solution as these can be dangerous to your health. Make sure to buy only FDA approved products. 

8. Be covered - Being sick and hospitalized require a huge amount of money. Many of us, especially the senior citizens, worry too much nowadays. It is imperative that we look after one another. Be responsible with our own health and family’s well-being. 

Get protection that would help ease your financial burdens and give you peace of mind when you or a family member need hospital care. 

Paramount Direct offers a health insurance plan with individual, couple or family coverage. HealthCare Cash Plan, provides daily cash assistance for regular, ICU or dread disease confinements plus lump sum benefits for long-term and surgical confinements. 

A HealthCare Cash Plan is not a health card or HMO. What’s good about this product is that all benefits are directly paid to you at the end of your hospital confinement. This way, you have the freedom to choose how you’re going to spend the money. You can use it for medical expenses, hospital bills or paying existing financial obligations. 

Application age for HealthCare Cash Plan is from 20 to 50 years old. Plan starts at Php239*/month for individual, Php478**/month for couple and Php731***/month for family. Premium varies per age. To know your premium, just visit and apply online. 

COVID-19 vaccine is still far from being discovered. Therefore, we should prepare, pay attention and boost our immune health to help our body sustain the viruses in the event that we get sick. 

* Based on Insurance Age of 20 years old, under Plan 500 for Individual coverage
** Based on Insurance Age of 20 years old, under Plan 500 for Couple coverage
*** Based on Insurance Age of 20 years old, under Plan 500 for Family coverage