Women's Month Wellness: Putting Women’s Health First

March 22, 2024

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Women contribute greatly to the structure and operation of society in a variety of ways. They actively engage in the workforce, promoting innovation and economic progress. Women also play critical roles in establishing cultural norms and values by acting as agents of change, caregivers, and community builders. Their contributions are essential to the growth and welfare of societies worldwide. 

However, as women take on increasingly significant roles in both the workforce and their homes, they also face heightened health risks. Modern stressors, along with inadequate nutrition and a lack of physical activity, contribute to a rise in lifestyle-related diseases. In order to juggle their multiple responsibilities, they may overlook the importance of wellness and prioritize their health less. Additionally, biological disparities expose women to specific illnesses such as gynecological issues, ovarian and cervical cancer, and reproductive system ailments. The onset of these critical illnesses can profoundly disrupt families' lives, as such conditions often require prolonged treatment and induce considerable medical expenses. This is where critical illness insurance steps in as a crucial financial safety net. Given the unpredictability of health, acquiring critical illness insurance can significantly aid in navigating health-related uncertainties.

Many people believe that a standard health insurance policy can provide them with all the protection that they will need, yet the expenses associated with life-threatening diseases typically surpass the coverage of such plans. In instances of critical illnesses like heart attacks, strokes, or cancer, critical illness insurance may serve as the only saving grace from financial ruin. Critical illness insurance provides financial help beyond medical fees, in contrast to regular health insurance, which usually covers medical expenses associated with treatment and hospitalization. You can use this lump sum payment to pay for a variety of things, including childcare charges, household bills, mortgage payments, and even alternative treatments that are not covered by regular health insurance.

In the unfortunate event of a critical illness diagnosis, critical illness insurance provides women with peace of mind, knowing that they have a safety net to help them through difficult times. Acquiring critical illness insurance allows women to protect their financial security while concentrating on what really matters: their health and their loved ones. Find the right coverage plan for you with Paramount’s PrimeHealth Cash Plan. For more information, visit https://plgic.ph/PrimeHealthCashPlan.