Women and Insurance

March 12, 2021

Woman and Insurance

Filipinas are truly a cut above the rest. Apart from their unique beauty and simplicity, they are also regarded, more importantly, for their strength and resilience. Magaling silang humarap sa problema at magbalanse ng sitwasyon. Lagi silang puno ng ngiti at saya, ng lakas at tapang.

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Most women in the Philippines do a balancing act between their careers, aspirations and other responsibilities. And it’s no easy feat. Some are mothers who run a household. Some are company executives who keep a business going. Some are single ladies who continuously pursue their passion. Some are single parents who work twice as hard. Sa dami ng iniisip at ginagawa (at gusto pa nilang magawa), madalas ay napapabayaan na rin nila ang kanilang sarili. Sometimes, when they choose to focus too much on caring for others over themselves, hangga't maaari ay itatago na lang nila kung may nararamdaman silang problema. Iniiwasan nilang maging pabigat. They do this without really thinking that their own health can already be compromised.

Yung maliliit na symptoms na binalewala sa umpisa might worsen by the time they finally decide to seek professional help. Caring for oneself is important to be able to look after others. Paano na lang kung magkasakit ang ilaw ng tahanan o ang ate na breadwinner? Sino na ang mag-aalaga at titingin sa pamilya nila? Every Filipina should be properly informed about the minor and major health issues that surround her. She must be empowered to make choices and given access to proper medical treatment. Ignoring health concerns can be dangerous. 

In the Philippines, the leading health problems and causes of death among women continue to be breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, tuberculosis, neoplasm and cerebrovascular diseases.  Breast cancer is prevalent among Filipino women that’s why it is essential to do regular self breast examination and be aware of its red flags. Symptoms include a lump in the breast or armpit, discharge in the nipple other than breastmilk, change in size or shape of the breast or pain in the breast area. If you have any of these signs, consult your doctor immediately. According to www.cancer.net, approximately 62% of women with early stage of breast cancer have a 5-year survival rate of about 99%. While those who are diagnosed at stage 4 have a 5-year survival rate of only 27%.  This only proves that early detection is better than cure. Kaya, huwag magpabaya sa sarili. 

There’s also cervical cancer. The Department of Health reports that the cervix is the second leading cancer site in women. Thankfully, there are now screenings that can detect the presence of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and vaccines that can help fight against it. Kailangang maunawaan ng mga kababaihan na pwede nilang protektahan ang kanilang sarili laban sa mga malulubhang sakit. The World Health Organization, in a 2017 article, writes that the Philippines has also ‘embraced efforts to step up cardiovascular disease care’. Hands-on care and counselling about heart diseases have been provided for both men and women.

Being diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or a heart ailment may derail a person or a family, trigger mental and emotional problems, and affect financial stability. On social media, you’ll see posts of different people with cancer asking for financial help from friends and relatives. Hindi biro ang expenses para sa sakit na ito. Kaya, marami ring pasyente na hindi natatapos ang treatment because they run out of funds.

An HMO coverage or a government-mandated benefit like Philhealth can only go so far. 

Most women are fully aware of their priorities but not when it comes to understanding the different risks they face throughout their lives. It’s high time Filipinas change or improve their perception about investments, finances or even insurance coverage or health plans. They have the power to protect and guard themselves and their families against the unexpected. 

This March, Paramount Direct is one with the world in celebrating International Women's Month. We offer insurance plans that can easily cater to the Filipina’s needs and budget. Our PrimeHealthCash Plan, for example, provides women life and accident insurance with critical illness coverage that helps take care of themselves and allows them to live life to the fullest.

To all the super pinays out there, remember that you have the power to protect yourself and your health. 

Nasa kamay mo ang iyong lakas!