Why Mobility Issues and Accessibility Are so Important for Senior Citizens

July 3, 2019

The POPCOM or Commission on Population recently estimated that there’s been an increase of 0.23% in the senior citizen population in the Philippines as of 2018. That makes a total of 8 million Filipinos that are in the age range of 60 years old and above. While the increase is lower compared to 2017, the number of senior citizens is still growing, and this means that access to public and private premises should be more convenient for the elderly.


The PUVs (Public Utility Vehicles), pedestrian crossings, bridges, and establishments whether public or private should be user-friendly, especially to our senior citizens. Mobility must be simple and easy, as it is difficult for older individuals to move around the city due to their weakening bodies. Whatever rights every Filipino citizen enjoy should also be disseminated up to the less capable sector of the community, which includes the PWDs (Persons with Disability) and SC (Senior Citizens). It is good that the government has laws which cater to SCs rights and benefits. Senior Citizen benefits include special discounts, automatic PhilHealth coverage, and priority lanes. A PWD law also allows PWD discounts and other privileges.


One of the issues faced not only by PWDs and SCs but the majority of citizens living in Metro Manila is the issue of mobility and accessibility. Heavy traffic in Manila has become part of the daily dilemmas of the Filipino worker. The trouble of commuting from home to work and vice versa is the ultimate cry of every commuter. The common worker may regard the commuting system in the country as a normalized disaster. From long queues in utility vehicle terminals to hours waiting in the traffic, regular commutes can be consuming and deteriorating. What more to a senior citizen or PWD?


For the elders that need special assistance due to their health, having a supportive family and society that is considerate and helpful to their needs is vitally important. Below are the tasks that the elders find it harder to do now that they’re in their old age, and possible ways to help them as an individual and a society.


Buying medicine and groceries. Usually, elders have maintenance medicines that need to be taken regularly. The government gives them the privilege of a 20% discount for medicines that they can enjoy by simply presenting their identification card, purchase slip booklet and doctors prescription. A 5% discount for basic necessities and selected grocery items is also given to SCs, which is a big help to Filipino retirees since most of them rely solely on their pension funds.


Going to recreation and leisure centers. Heading to the cinemas, theaters, and sports facilities are some of the activities our seniors will surely enjoy as they now have a lot of spare time for leisure. However, for the majority of seniors, going to recreation centers is not easy. As a family member, you may assist them by giving them a ride going to those places or joining them in that activity. That way, they have someone they can trust while going to new places, and you can also get to bond with them. Leisure centers also grant discounts to senior citizens. You may also assist them in using public transit, public buses, jeepneys, UV express, and rail transit, where senior citizens' discount privilege will also be given.


Paying bills. Now that we live in a technology-driven era, there are easy ways to pay bills without having to leave your home. This is good news for elders, as there's no need for them to leave the house to go to payment facilities anymore. As a family member, you can guide them in learning how to complete their bills payments online. These online-based transactions are much easier, not just in paying bills but in applying for insurance as well. For instance, Paramount Direct and its easy application process only take 3 easy steps. By going to www.paramountdirect.com they may choose their preferred plan and fill out the online application. An email will be sent including the policy contract, and the enrollee will be given 10 days to review the policy. If the enrollee agrees to the coverage, terms, and conditions of the plan, they may pay the premium to payment facilities accredited by ParamountDirect. Affordable and accessible health insurance like PrimeCare Cash Plan is perfect for elders 50 to 75 years old. 

Mobility and accessibility are very essential to senior citizens, especially in the Philippines. We are still a developing country, and our government still lacks ways to address concerns about the ease of mobility. Thus, in our own little ways, there are things we can do to assist our seniors. These include simply assisting them while crossing pedestrian lanes, giving way to seniors in queues, supporting them with what they want, or by simply giving them affection and appreciation. This way, they would feel that inclusivity both in their family and in society.


Show them they belong and give them the best care possible. For more details about PrimeCare Cash Plan click the Apply Now button below.