December 14, 2018

This Christmas season, aside from buying all those gifts for your inaanak’s and your loved ones, you might be thinking of something that you will get for yourself. It might be the gadget you’ve been eyeing at the mall for a while, or maybe a heavenly shopping spree, or a vacation you’ve been longing for. For sure, you have already compared your choices as to which one you really need and want the most.

But come to think of it, perhaps you might be missing an important option in your list--insurance.

Admit it, it was the last thing on your mind, or maybe it just came up when you read it here for you to consider as a gift that you could give yourself. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s the best gift:

You can’t predict your health

You may be doing everything you can to be healthy now, but some accidents and sickness are unavoidable. Make sure you have something to lean on when the unfortunate comes, for it is not always that you have enough in your emergency fund to assist you when the need arises. Many factors such as stress, lifestyle, heredity, etc., can make your health fall without warning. For this kind of circumstances, health insurance plans will protect you and your savings should these factors get the best of you.

Your assets will be protected

Yes, we understand how hard you’ve worked just to earn your money. But that your savings may be gone in a blink of an eye once you get hospitalized. Health insurance plans will give you financial assistance that you need should you fall ill. Insurance companies in the Philippines offer their clients coverage for different kinds of cases: critical illness, dread disease and the like.

You are not the only one protected, but also your family

Let’s face it, we will all end up 6 feet below the ground. Being protected with life insurance will help not just you, but also your family. How? It will help you erase the worry of leaving your family behind without securing their future because they are guaranteed to receive cash assistance when you’re gone. Remember, they are the most affected when the time comes--emotionally, and financially.

You can never go wrong with investing in insurance (no losses!)

Your money can go anywhere you want it, but you can’t control the results! For example, if you decided to invest in a stock market, your chance to gain profit is unsure, and you might experience some losses. If you invest in health insurance, your protection is 100% guaranteed. Your money is assured to go to something that you and your family will need for the future, and not just to any material thing that has limited use.

It is important to be prepared for everything that life has to offer, good or bad. Be protected as early as now by giving yourself the gift of insurance!