Why Insurance Could Be Your Love Language

February 12, 2021

eh kasi nga mahal kita

“Posporo ka ba?!”

“Kasi posporo rin ako. Para match tayo!”

“Hindi tayo tao, hindi rin tayo hayop.”
“Bagay tayo!”

“Apoy ka ba?”
“Eh kasi, alab-alab...I love you.”

These are a few popular cheesy lines that some people tend to use when expressing their feelings towards another person.

In relationships, you’ll know you are in love when you feel delighted around someone or you like pleasing or making the other person smile and happy.

According to “The 5 Love Languages” book by Gary Chapman, the five ways to express and experience love are the so-called “love languages”. These include words of affirmation, physical touch, giving gifts, quality time and acts of service.

How to communicate love
Source: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/the-5-love-languages-explained

Every person has a different style of expressing their feelings. Without understanding the love languages, a person may misinterpret their partner of not loving them back or may think that both of you lack connection. Love languages are a secret to long lasting relationships.

. . . 

“My husband and I are newlyweds. We are still discovering many things about each other. Whenever we have misunderstandings, we’d fight. But we talk about it. My grandparents always tell us, “huwag hahayaang lumipas ang araw na magkagalit pa rin kayo”. For us, communication is very important in any relationship.”

Carmi, 29

. . . 

“We’ve been married for 2 decades now. But Jomari (not his real name) never fails to kiss and hug me as much as he likes. Sa bahay nga, lagi kaming magka-holding hands kahit nanonood lang ng TV. He may be a man of few words pero daig pa si Coco Martin sa ‘da moves and actions and that’s what I’m thankful for my husband.” 
Jomari, 45

. . . 

Sa aming dalawa, si Carla ang thoughtful. She always has something for me kahit nung mag-boyfriend/girlfriend palang kami. She would write me simple notes, short love letters and even give me flowers on Valentine’s Day. I really appreciate the things she does for me kaya ako naman, I cook for her kasi yun naman ang forte ko e...magluto.”
Jeff, 48

. . .

Yes, marrying a surgeon doctor is hard but rewarding at the same time. Sa sobrang hectic ng schedule niya, minsan hindi na kami nagkakasabay mag-dinner. But I don’t complain at all. I support him and his career and I’m proud of my husband. When he has the time naman, he would really spend it with me and the kids. Bumabawi talaga siya.”
Melissa, 55

. . .

“Papa P, as what I call him, makes things easier for me. Kahit nung bata-bata pa kami. Ayaw nya akong napapagod o nahihirapan. He takes charge of everything, from budgeting to doing the household chores. Lagi siyang naka-alalay sakin. Kahit 50 years na kaming married, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na meron pala talagang taong ganito magmahal. Kaya nasanay akong nandyan lang sya lagi sa tabi ko. Napaka-spoiled ko. And now that we’re both seniors, wala akong ibang hiling kundi bigyan pa kami ng maraming taon na magkasama kasi I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Parang ang hirap yata ‘nun.”
Linda, 63

couple memes

Do you know your love language? Which among the 5 love languages do you and your significant other often express and prefer? 

Did you know that getting life insurance coverage for a loved one can actually be a form of love language? It’s one of the most special, selfless and lasting gifts you can give to the people you care about.  It affirms your genuine concern and sincere intention to look after their welfare. May mas romantic pa ba sa pag-secure ng future ng mga taong mahal mo? Ayaw mo silang mag-alala, ayaw mo silang mahirapan. Even when you’re gone, ramdam pa rin nila ang pagmamahal mo. Isn’t this the ultimate act of love?

This love month, Paramount Direct is with you as you express your affection and appreciation to the people who matter most to you, whatever your love language may be. Pay us a visit at www.paramountdirect.com so we can help you #redirect your plans and make the most out of your love language. Eh kasi nga, mahal namin kayo.