Why Family Health Insurance Is Important

October 25, 2019

Parents face many challenges every day especially in raising their children and keeping their family safe and healthy. Doing health care activities such as taking morning walks, playing sports, walking with your pets, swimming, biking or jogging is one way of staying healthy. Apart from this, eating nutritious meals, drinking plenty of water or going to a family health spa will provide you and your loved ones lifelong health benefits.

Your family’s health is paramount for every family in the Philippines because getting sick and hospitalization costs can really be expensive. Good thing the Philippine government provides medical coverage to Filipinos through Philhealth which aims to provide access to affordable health care services to its members during confinement. Earlier this year, President Rodrigo R. Duterte has signed a law expanding Philhealth coverage by giving access to all Filipinos to free medical consultations, laboratory tests and other diagnostic requirements.

Hospital confinements can cost you thousands of pesos and may upend the family’s finances. An illness or injury is unpredictable as it may happen to anyone at any time regardless of age or gender. Here are the reasons why family health insurance is important and why it should be a priority.

To protect your savings. Hospitalization caused by common diseases, lifestyle diseases, autoimmune diseases or accidents is not always limited to medical bills. Sometimes, after hospital confinement, you can’t go back to work just yet because you need a longer period to recover which could pose a major financial threat to your family.

Family health insurance helps you prepare for life’s financial twists and turns in case you or any of your family members get ill and need hospital care. It could also reduce stress knowing that you won’t need to pay hefty out-of-pocket costs and keeping your savings intact.

To ensure proper health care for your loved ones. When a family member falls ill, gets into an accident and hospitalized, you would definitely want to provide them with the best health care services. Health insurance plans provide access to quality health care which saves you and your whole family from tension and stress and allows you to focus more on recovery.

To protect your emotional well-being Sickness or injury may cause you and your loved ones emotional stress. For example, if you are sick and keeps on thinking about your condition or the hospital bills to pay, the more it will weaken your immunity which may cause delay to your immediate recovery. Family health insurance provides peace of mind which leads to a happy and worry-free life.

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You and your family may be healthy and don’t have any family history of illnesses, but you’ll never know when an accident may happen. So, don’t delay. Health insurance does matter as it greatly improves your family’s financial security. Get HealthCare Cash Plan family coverage - one policy in just one affordable premium. Click the Apply Now button below to start your protection.