Why a Health Plan Is Important More Than You Think

February 18, 2022

love and realationship

The COVID-19 pandemic which began in 2020 has brought many speculations to hundreds and thousands of people. The continuous mutations of the virus that bring in deadly or more contagious variants make people think that a zombie apocalypse is about to happen. But are zombies real?

According to pop culture and folklore, a zombie bites human, then the human dies and reawakens looking for flesh to bite. They are strong, usually move slowly and they have rotten flesh. They don’t communicate with each other. Their only goal is to feed in order to survive.

Dr. Steven Sholzman, author of Zombie Autopsies, says, “Although a pandemic that creates zombie-like symptoms is theoretically possible, a real-life zombie apocalypse shouldn’t be high up on our list of worries.”

love and realationship

If you’re the type of person who likes to be prepared for anything, then you can consider stocking up on food and water in case of a lengthy power outage or lockdowns; building an underground bunker to protect you against disasters, bombs and other attacks; getting vaccinated especially against COVID-19 to protect you against the Delta variant and its severe complications and; buying insurance to equip you for any real emergencies that come your way.

Staying protected is important more than you think because no matter how young and healthy you are right now, remember that accidents and illnesses can happen to anyone at any time. It can protect your finances and save you from high, unexpected hospitalization costs.

The good news is that Paramount Direct offers affordable health insurance products for individuals, couples or families from ages 20 up to 75 years old.

Our health insurance products provide cash benefits that are directly paid to the policyholder at the end of hospital confinements which gives you the freedom to decide where to spend your money.

Please visit www.paramountdirect.com to explore our products, get a quote and apply online.

In case the zombie apocalypse never transpires, being protected during these unprecedented times can help you and your family #redirect towards a secured future.