What Are the Challenges of Being Hospitalized During This Health Crisis?

October 16, 2020

The pandemic that the world is facing right now causes everyone to panic, feel anxious, be stressed and depressed. Being sick in the middle of this ongoing health crisis could add more to our emotional and mental struggles.

While some countries including Europe, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore are now experiencing the 2nd wave of the new coronavirus, the active cases in the Philippines haven't lowered down yet since it started to spread in January 2020. With that, hospitalization becomes a big challenge for many Filipinos these days.

Many hospitals have already reached their bed capacity and can no longer accommodate admission even for non-Covid patients. Even emergency rooms are fully packed.

Let’s discuss the two major challenges that you may encounter when looking for a hospital that would accommodate a patient during this pandemic.

1. Hospital availability - Both public and private hospitals in the country, especially in Metro Manila, have already reached their limit in accepting new patients. Imagine the stress that you have to go through in case there’s a family member that needs confinement and there’s no available hospital to go to. The least that you can do, if it’s not an emergency, is to make a call to each hospital near your area. Otherwise, walk-in and bring the patient immediately to the emergency room of any hospital for first aid. It is more advisable to use your own transportation than taking a cab as you go around to look for an available hospital.

Here are the important things that you should remember when going to a hospital:

A. Wear your faceshield and facemask.

B. Bring alcohol or hand sanitizer.

C. Go to the registration desk in the emergency room. 

D. Be honest with the information that you provide the medical staff. If you have fever, cough or colds, make sure that you tell them for an accurate assessment of your condition.

E. Relax and don’t be paranoid.

2. Medical Costs - Money is one of the biggest challenges when we talk about hospitalization. With the ongoing pandemic, hospitalization costs are more expensive than before. Here’s why:

A. Patients are considered PUI. Thus, most hospitals require you to undergo swab testing to make sure that you are not infected with COVID-19. Prices for this test vary per hospital.

B. If you go to the E.R. for first aid, remember that you are charged per hour. Also, all laboratory tests, medical equipment and supplies that they will provide you cost higher than when you are in a regular room.

C. Upon admission, you will be placed in an isolation room which is also mandatory for most hospitals nowadays while waiting for your swab test result. Isolation room costs higher than a regular hospital room and all PPEs worn by each nurse who will enter your room will also be charged to your hospital bill.

HMOs or health cards and Philhealth are very helpful during confinements. Plus, if the patients are senior citizens, they get additional discounts. HMOs coverage is per illness, so you have lesser worries about out-of-pocket expenses. Philhealth also slashes out a big portion in your medical bill.

Apart from that, another thing that could assist you financially, is the health insurance from Paramount Direct.

Our health insurance products are more of a reimbursement type wherein all the cash benefits are directly paid to you, on top of your HMO, Philhealth or senior citizen benefit, at the end of hospital confinement. We have 4 different products that you can choose from, for ages 20 to 75 years old. Two of which, namely HealthCare Cash Plan and Hospital Income Benefit Plan, provide affordable protection for the whole family. The cash benefits that you will receive can be used to buy medicines, pay debts or replace lost income.

Application is easy, fast and hassle-free. Visit www.paramountdirect.com for more information and to enroll online.

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Think how difficult it is to be hospitalized during this pandemic. Be financially ready and take the necessary preparations while you are still healthy. Don’t wait until you get sick before taking any action.