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Tips to Control Impulsive Buying

December 7, 2018

We cannot blame you, we’ve all done it. It’s really hard to put that classy bag back to its display stand or to return those stylish shoes to the rack especially if, by chance, it’s on sale. We understand how regretful it is to avoid buying things that you want (or seem to need, but not really).

However, having this habit will eventually hurt not just your budget, but also yourself. According to a research, impulse buying is a psychological disorder that you need to get over with.

Worry not, here are some tips that could help you resist the urge to buy:

1. Go to the mall less often

Do yourself a favor and save your hard-earned money for something that you really need. Going to malls even just for window shopping will tempt you to buy unnecessary things, especially if there are a lot of promos on-going. Setting a certain date as to when you really need to visit a mall or a store will be a big help.

2. Plan your purchases

Sometimes, the advertisements are just too powerful, you can’t help but have second thoughts about buying their products. To help you out, make a list of the things you need to buy for a certain period and refrain from buying anything else. Remember, the rule is simple, if it’s not on your list, don’t buy it!

3. Bring less

When going out, refrain from bringing your credit card and bring enough money instead. This will set your mind that you only have to buy the things you need. You wouldn’t want to go home having just coins, would you?

(It’s okay to bring a little bit of excess, though, just in case something comes up.)

4. Monitor your expenses

To further control your habit of impulsive buying, record all your expenses particularly your purchases (include price and the item), and see how much you’ve been spending for a certain thing. This way, you will get conscious every time you’re going to buy something that you don’t need.

5. Invest your money

This may need some serious consideration than the previous tips, but once you start to allocate an amount of money somewhere else, you will grow yourself into it. Investing will decrease your chances of purchasing unnecessary things realizing your money’s worth.

Try to invest in a financial institution that will maximize your money’s potential to grow. There are insurance companies in the Philippines that offer not only protection for you and your family but also security for your savings. These are the types of insurance that will help you become wiser when it comes to budgeting.

It may be hard at first, but developing the discipline of rightful spending will get you a long way. Do these tips and let your future self thank you for being wiser than ever!