Things ALL Women Should Know About

March 3, 2023

love and realationship

It pays to be a woman especially when it comes to insurance. Statistics show that women are less prone to acquiring illnesses or dying prematurely and could live 6 years longer than men. Which is why insurance premiums are cheaper and more affordable for them.

Women are important in our society and family. They play various roles such as being a wife, office worker, manager, leader and a mother. Many people rely on them for their well-being.

If you still don’t have any coverage or you think you don’t have enough here are the things you need to know about health and life insurance:

love and realationship

As a wife. You are your man’s inspiration. He turns to you for love, understanding, support, sympathy and recognition. Because you are your spouse’s teammate and he wouldn’t be able to accomplish things without you by his side, it’s always important to take care of yourself. 

Putting your health a priority by getting health insurance can protect your family’s savings in case you get sick and need hospital care. It can help you get better with lesser worries.

When a tragedy strikes and you suddenly pass away, life insurance could provide your spouse financial support during a difficult time.

As a mother. Your children look up to and depend on you in everything. You are their “wonder woMOM”. You organize everything at home while juggling your time at work.  What you do for them is crucial but it can also put a toll on your health.

Acquiring a health protection plan can secure your hard-earned money, against the high cost of hospitalization, without jeopardizing your future plans for your children.

If things get worse and you die, life insurance ensures your kids’ future financial stability. The life benefits that they will receive can be used for their education and day-to-day expenses.

As a daughter. If you have siblings and aging parents who are financially reliant on you, the more you need to secure health and life protection for yourself. It will definitely protect the people who matter to you during the time of need.

Having health insurance can replace your lost income when you fall ill and need confinement. It guarantees that your financial support for your family continues, so you can focus on getting better.

In case something happens and you suddenly leave your loved ones behind, life insurance provides financial support that they can use in paying off debts, covering funeral costs and other expenses.

Whether or not you’re a breadwinner, take advantage of getting protected while you are still young. Remember that premiums go up, each year you delay your application. It also increases your risk of developing a health condition. 

The good news is that getting insurance protection is fast and easy with Paramount Direct. No need to submit any medical requirements because your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your current health condition. We offer both life and health insurance products that fit your budget and needs.

Apply anytime and anywhere by visiting our website at Just fill out the online application form, and pay your initial premium through any of our affiliated payment channels. Viola! Your coverage starts right away.

Keep in mind that in order to take care of others, start taking care of yourself first. Shore up your health coverage and redirect towards reducing risks and fostering financial strength.