The Steps to Disaster Preparedness

August 5, 2022

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Being one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries, the Philippines experiences significant weather events and disasters such as floods, typhoons, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and drought.

According to the National Geographic, the death toll is high every time there is a catastrophic event in the Philippines because of the following reasons: warm ocean waters, people living in low-lying areas, deforestation, and our geographic location within the Ring of Fire.

love and realationship

Given these facts, we need to always be prepared in case of a natural disaster to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Here are some steps families should take to be ready any moment a disaster strikes:

Discuss an evacuation plan. Meet with your family members and give each of them responsibilities. Talk about how you will communicate and where you’ll meet in the event you get separated when a disaster happens. They need to understand the importance of having a plan and working as a team. Ensure that all emergency contacts are updated. And if you have pets, include them also in your plan.

Prepare a survival kit. An emergency bag should contain a bottle of water, first aid kit, whistle, flashlight, ready-to-eat food or snacks, candles and matches, a blanket, and personal supplies. Remember that we’re still in a pandemic, so make sure to include face masks and alcohol in your kit and make sure to check or replace stored food and drinks every three months.

Watch videos. Part of preparedness is to watch online videos with your family concerning floods, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. This way, you will learn more about how you can be ready for any type of emergency situation.

Practice your plan. Your family may not be together during a disaster. That's why it’s essential to regularly practice your preparedness plan. According to the principle “Practice Makes Permanent”, if you do something repeatedly, it becomes a habit. So, the more your family practices, the more they will know what to do during a catastrophic event.

Have a family health protection. You need to get ahead of what’s ahead so you can prepare your family for any expenses during medical emergencies brought by natural disasters.

Paramount Direct offers Hospital Income Benefit Plan and HealthCare Cash Plan —- health insurance products with family coverage. Both provide cash benefits during hospital confinements due to any illness or injury including natural disaster injuries.

Our Hospital Income Benefit Plan is eligible for ages 20 up to 64 years old. You will be given as much as PHP4,000/day for regular confinement, up to PHP8,000/day for dread disease confinement and up to PHP80,000 for lengthy hospital stays. Premiums at Plan 500 for a family plan start at PHP174.95/month. Based on age 20-24. Payment and coverage period is until age 70.

Our HealthCare Cash Plan is eligible for ages 20 up to 50 years old. You will receive up to PHP4,000/day for regular or ICU confinement, up to PHP8,000/day for dread disease confinement, up to PHP80,000 for long-term confinement and up to PHP80,000 for surgical confinement. For as low as PHP731/month. Based on age 20-29 and Plan 500. Payment period is up to 10 years only while coverage period is up to 20 years.

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It pays to have a family preparedness plan so you can redirect towards protecting your loved ones and your peace of mind.