The Effects of Cheating on your Physical and Mental Health

February 19, 2021

huli ka

Redirecting your life away from pain isn’t easy most of the time. You can look well on the outside but also hurt on the inside. At hindi yun healthy. As much as you want to avoid it, your emotions can take a toll on your body and even cause problems that can threaten your life. Recovery is always easier said than done. But you have to start somewhere. Paramount Direct will always be ready to give you that gentle push to redirection. Count on us to be with you in achieving a better sense of self. 

Have you ever been betrayed or do you know someone who has been cheated on by his or her spouse or partner? Betrayal, cheating or infidelity is the easiest way to damage a marriage or any relationship because it breaks trust. Sa panahon ngayon hindi lang babae ang niloloko. Madalas, kabaligtaran pa nga!

broken relationship

The consequences of cheating are always negative and the damage it can do to a relationship is irreplaceable.

Some people cheat without much thought about its major consequences. They use it as an excuse for their emotional or physical shortcomings. Hindi nila alam na may malaking effect ito sa physical at mental health ng taong niloloko nila.

So how exactly does cheating or infidelity affect a relationship or a person? 

1.  It breaks your  self-esteem. “Saan ako nagkulang?”, “Pangit ba ako?”, “Mas bata ba sya?”, “Kelan pa nagsimula?”. It’s a  series of self-blame questions once you find out that the person you’re in love with is cheating on you. Huwag mong sisihin ang sarili mo because it was not your decision to have an affair.  Cheer up. Realize your worth - how beautiful a person you are, inside out. You deserve so much more than someone who can’t be honest, loyal and faithful to you.

2. It causes lack of focus. Hindi ka makapag-concentrate sa trabaho at lagi kang lutang dahil sa dami ng tumatakbo sa isip mo? Well, no matter how you analyze the situation and how it happened, you will never understand your partner’s reasoning. Kaya huwag mong hayaan maapektuhan yung main source of income mo dahil yan ang makatutulong sa pagbangon mo. Gather yourself up. Maraming tao ang umaasa sa’yo!

3. It results in emotional instability. Feeling mo sinakluban ka ng langit at lupa dahil nawala yung sense of security mo. You suddenly feel that the world has  turned upside down, na parang katapusan na ng lahat. It’s normal to feel down and angry, but you have to redeem that sense of stability. Have that courage para bumangon. Labanan mo ‘yan tulad ng kung paano mo nalampasan lahat ng pagsubok mo noon.

If you're hurting, you have to go through the process until you become better again. Iiyak mo na lahat ng sakit! Just think of this experience as your “wake up call” that might bring you greater joy, happiness and opportunity later on in life.

4. It keeps you from doing other things. Hindi solusyon ang pagkukulong sa kuwarto o pag-isolate ng sarili mo. Give yourself time and some love, too. Makipag-socialize ka. Surround yourself with positive people or reach out to those you have neglected while you were busy being a good spouse.

5. It harms you mentally and physically, sometimes without you knowing it. Because you are disoriented by what happened, your physical and mental well-being also suffer tremendously.  Nawawalan ka ng ganang kumain, hindi ka makatulog nang maayos, nagkakaroon ka ng panic at anxiety attacks. What’s more alarming is that cheating can actually lead to more serious health issues such as eating disorders, chronic insomnia and even substance abuse.

As much as you want to stay together, you feel that too much is already broken to make your relationship work again. Although it’s not an easy thing to admit that you have failed, the good news is that you can get things back on track. Hindi man naging successful ang marriage ninyo, ang mahalaga ay buo ka. Try to move forward. Mahirap man sa simula, pero pag nakabangon ka, tatawanan mo nalang lahat yan at mas makapagbibigay ka pa ng oras para sa mga taong nagmamahal at umaasa pa sa’yo!

It’s about time you set strict safeguards to strengthen your financial footing and secure your loved ones’ future. Hindi mo kailangang mag-rely sa partner mo o umasa sa iba para maprotektahan mo ang sarili mo at ang mga mahal mo sa buhay. Stand on your own dahil kaya mo!