Summer Fun Under The Sun

April 12, 2019

Long nights, sunny days, beach waves, crystal clear waters, salty hair, and happy memories--summer is fast approaching and we can only picture perfection!

By this time, we are sure that you already have plans to travel and explore different parts of the country (or even the world). To help you make your summer fun under the sun extra memorable and totally perfect, remember to:

Always bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated

The sun is out, and it’s hotter than ever! Always remember to stay hydrated during this super hot season, for dehydration can totally ruin your lit summer nights. If you find water boring, you can always opt for fresh buko juice (which is very good for your health) or you can mix sliced fruits with water (e.g., lemon, calamansi, orange, apple, etc.) for a little flavor.

This will also keep your skin hydrated and free from dryness and other impurities. Real deal right here.

Apply sunscreen before going out to protect your skin

Remember that sunscreen is a must. Applying an ample amount of sunscreen is very important especially if you’re going to be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Consider the SPF factor of the sunscreen--higher SPF means longer hours of protection. Also, remember to reapply sunscreen if needed.

Warning!!! Unprotected skin is prone to sunburn, premature aging, skin cancer, and much more.

Take extra precaution because the sun isn’t always fun

We know that summer means being out and basking in the sun, but prolonged sun exposure with extreme heat and high humidity causes your body’s temperature to rise. This will cause dehydration and can eventually lead to heat stroke--which can also turn your most-awaited trip into a disaster and might end up spending your summer in the hospital. That means seeing your saved up money for your trip being “washed away by the tides” caused by the tsunami hospital bills. Yikes!

Friendly tip: to avoid spending your money on unexpected hospitalization, get an insurance protection that will provide cash assistance for your medical needs. There are insurance companies in the Philippines that offer this kind of hospitalization insurance for as low as ₱68.95 per month. And yes, protection doesn’t have to be expensive.

Be protected while you travel

Your backpack wouldn’t be considered all-packed if you don’t have protection with you. Getting a travel insurance not just protects your life and health, but also your belongings during the trip. It will also protect you from the hassle of possible delayed flights and lost baggage. Who would have thought that insurance can give you extra pocket money of up to P10,000 while saving you from the inconvenience caused by the airlines?

Lastly, relax and breathe. Summer is the best time to unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. It’s about time to finally inhale good vibes and exhale the bad! Go, appreciate nature and have fun out there, wanderlust!