Safeguard Your Future With Sure Savings Plan

February 1, 2019

In taking the right steps in securing your future, whether you are a young professional, stay-at-home parent, self-employed or a retiree, you have to choose the right product and coverage that best fit your needs.

We do not want you to be caught off guard with life’s unexpected events, that’s why you need to be protected from situations like having a serious illness, getting into an accident, paying for an unbudgeted expense or losing your job.

This February 2019, Paramount Direct is launching its newest product called Sure Savings Plan. It is an all-in-one insurance plan that provides the following benefits:

1. Life - provides your beneficiary/ies a lump sum cash benefit in case of your demise due to natural causes to help them lessen the financial burden your passing might cause.

Sure Savings Plan takes 20 years to mature which means that should you outlive the 20 years maturity, you’ll receive the total Life Benefit amount which depends on the plan you have chosen.

2. Accidental Death - provides your beneficiary/ies a lump sum cash benefit that would save them from financial losses due to your sudden demise.

3. Hospital Income Benefit - this gives you a daily cash assistance for each day of hospital confinement which you can use to pay for your hospital/medical expenses, household bills or basic needs depending on where and how you want to spend it. This monetary allowance allows you to focus solely on getting well instead of worrying about hospital costs.

4. Waiver of Premium on Disability -  pays off your insurance policy in case you get seriously injured or disabled which prevents you from working.  

Sure Savings Plan is offered to ages 18 to 60 years old and has 2 different payment term options, either 5 or 10 years. We have made the application fast, easy and at guaranteed issuance.

You don’t need a big income to get yourself an insurance. Remember, a simple decision you make today can make a big difference tomorrow so plan and act about your future now while you are young and able.