Raising a Healthy and Happy Family

August 21, 2019

Raising a family in the Philippines, particularly in the central part of Metro Manila can be tough and challenging, especially for couples who have young children. You can’t leave your kids at home without adults looking after them, and the environment in and around Manila can be dangerous for anyone. Despite these downsides, Filipinos will agree that we are a happy nation. The Philippines is also where you can find a lot of friendly, cheerful, and hospitable people. Raising children in this country can be difficult, but fulfilling as well.

As we know, family is the basic unit of society. There are different types of family, there’s nuclear family, extended family, and joint family. The nuclear family is composed of the father, mother and immediate children. The extended family is common in the Philippines; this is composed of three or more generations, i.e., parents, children, grandparents or grandchildren. And the joint family is comprised of parents, children, their spouses, and offspring.

When it comes to marriage in the Philippines, a studies in 2016 showed that the median age of marriage for women is 26 years old, whilst for men, it is 28 years old. But it is not the age that measures how prepared you are to raise a happy and healthy family. Whether you’re young or old, it is necessary to start a family with a concrete plan on hand. There are many different ways to raise a healthy and happy family, and below are some ideas you can follow.

-Eat together. With your busy schedule as a parent, you might have missed one of the most important parts of the day: eating together. Make sure to allot time in a day where you will eat as a family, ideally during dinnertime. This is the perfect time to bond with your spouse and kids where y you get to talk about your days and get to know each other more deeply, as well as give advice whenever someone is struggling with something.

-Being authoritarian and permissive. When it comes to children, make sure to balance everything, especially your parenting style. Let your kids be inquisitive, this way they will discover what they're interested in. However, as a parent, you need not be permissive all the time. Make them remember that you’re the one who knows what's right from wrong; make them feel that you still have authority over them while being a supportive and nurturing parent. Striking the right balance between being permissive and authoritarian in parenting can help your children grow in a loving and guided family. 

-Be healthy together. There’s no better way to build a bond than getting healthy together. There are plenty of ways to be healthy - exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet, and preventing each other from indulging in dangerous vices. When you have a family, try to find a routine that you will all enjoy. For instance, set a schedule every weekend where you can go for a morning walk in the park. You could also set a limit with your kids to minimize their screen time, and substitute this with signing them up for a sports lesson or educational programs. Or cook a healthy meal that you and your family may enjoy. This way, you can prevent lifestyle diseases, hospitalization, or confinement. 

-Communication. Misunderstandings are normal in a family. If a conflict arises, communication is always the key to harmony. Strong objections and yelling will not help. After all, in situations like these, it doesn't matter whether you win in an argument, but whether you're able to resolve the issue in the end. 

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In conclusion, family health should be the top priority of any household. Securing the health and happiness of your family members is vital to building a strong relationship. No one wants to struggle with their relationships; rather, we all want a nurturing environment where we can grow individually and as a unit.

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