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Pasko sa Pilipinas: Tatak Pinoy

November 29, 2018

Christmas in the Philippines is the longest and most celebrated holiday in Asia. The spirit of Christmas start as early as September where you could hear Christmas carols being played in public places, on TV and radio stations.

On busy streets of Manila, there are Christmas lanterns or “parol” vendors. Parol is a decoration that you can hang on your windows which represents the brightest star that shun when Christ was born. These lanterns come in different unique designs, shapes and sizes. Some have lights in it for added attraction.

Pre-dawn mass or “simbang gabi” is observed by many Filipino families since 80% of the country’s population are Catholics. The mass starts at 4:00 a.m. from the December 16 until December 24. They believe that if you complete all the masses for 9 days, you can make your grandest wish and it will come true.

Caroling starts at the first day of simbang gabi where a group of kids or teenagers go to your house to serenade you with Christmas songs. What makes it unique is that, children could perform acapella using different musical instruments. In return, you have to give them a small amount of money as gratitude.

Noche Buena is celebrated on the eve of December 24 where families gather in the grandparents’ house, together with other close relatives. Each family may bring in potluck food for everyone to enjoy. Famous Noche Buena dishes are litson, tsokolate, keso de bola, and buko salad among others.

Gift-giving is the much-awaited part of the celebration. This is also the season of loving and sharing. We, at Paramount Direct, value close family ties as much as Filipinos do. That’s why we have designed health insurance products for individuals, couples or family at a very affordable premium. These products provide financial assistance when you or any of your qualified family member gets sick and hospitalized. Education is important to us too, we can help you secure your children’s future by saving for their college education. And because we know how much you want to enjoy life with your loved ones, start growing your money with us while you are still young and able. Not just that, we are here to guide you in saving something for your family’s future, so they could continue living a normal life even without you around.

Because of Filipinos’ creativity, only in the Philippines can you experience a unique Christmas celebration.