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Love Comes In Many Colors, Shapes And Sizes

February 15, 2019

Love is the most powerful tool in the world. To love and be loved give us peace and courage to face life and all its uncertainties.

There are different ways on how we could express our love towards the opposite sex, our friends, family and children. For some people, having a happy relationship defines true love while others think it could be through the gifts and flowers that they receive even without special occasions. Whatever your point of view of what love is, what’s important is you feel and share it. Remember, love shouldn’t be selfish, self-centered, annoying and discouraging. Love uplifts and inspires us to become better versions of ourselves each day.

There are really no formula in finding your soulmate or choosing the person you give your love to. You’ll just wake up one day, with that spark of joy and you’ll know right away that it’s love. A feeling that is so precious that you want to keep it forever.

It’s the same thing as showing your love to your friends. They are the ones you share fun, laughter, joy and even sorrows with. Friends are like family that you give time and effort in good times and bad. And no matter how far you are from each other, you know deep in your heart that there is one thing that binds you all together, and that is your love for one another.

“Family is love”, as you always hear it. But how do you show how much you love them? Love for the family is immeasurable because you will do whatever it takes to make them happy, healthy, safe and secure.

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Truly, love comes in many colors, shapes and sizes but what matters most is to choose to be at your best and give only the best to the ones you love.