Last-minute Gift Ideas for Dad

June 17, 2022

love and realationship

Fathers are the pillars of the family. Aside from being the home’s primary provider, they also play an important role in a child’s cognitive and social development. Studies even show that the way a father treats his children will dictate how they relate with other people as well as shape them into the person they will become.

“Children are great mimics,” says Mark Twain. If a father is nurturing, gentle, or protective while also treating other people with respect and kindness, his children will also imitate the same behavior towards others. Same goes for fathers who are the exact opposite.

What about you? What type of father do you have? Is he a responsible disciplinarian or a loving, cool dad? Or both?

Regardless of the kind of father you have, what’s important is their presence in your life. You’re blessed to still have your father around and he’s sure to be the proudest to see what you’ve accomplished.

If you haven’t prepared anything yet for your dad this Father’s Day, here’s a list of gift and activity suggestions that you may want to gift him this Sunday:

love and realationship

1. Prepare a special meal. No long preparations needed. Cook your family’s favorite traditional recipe and invite them over for dinner. Just like the old times, sit around the table with your parents and siblings while catching up, especially if it’s something that you missed since the pandemic.

2. Make a DIY gift. Sometimes it’s hard to buy gifts for fathers because they seem to have everything they need. Instead of buying a gift, try something different this time. Make something creative that can also be useful like a personalized leather keychain, an improvised toolbox, or a tie-dye shirt. There are tons of blogs and tutorial videos that you can find online for inspiration.

3. Give a relaxing staycation. Online booking can be done in just minutes. It’s also good to take advantage of hotel promos and discounts for Father’s Day. They have packages that include buffet breakfast for two, a complimentary massage, and a discount on buffet lunch or dinner. Your dad will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness because not only does he get to wake up to a different scenery, he’ll also get to spend alone time with your mom on his special day. 

4. Choose the right plan. As your dad becomes more vulnerable to ailments with age, a health insurance product would be the best gift idea not everyone can think of. Choosing the right health plan secures his medical needs during hospital confinements and recovery.

With Paramount Direct, you don’t need to set up an appointment with an agent or submit any requirements because your father’s acceptance is guaranteed, no matter his medical condition.

Choose among our health insurance products suited for up to 75 years old. Application is fast and hassle-free. Simply visit our website at and apply online.

After paying the initial premium, the e-policy will be sent to your email address in minutes, just in time for Father’s Day. What makes dad happier than a good medical coverage and a premium his children cover?

So, now that you have great gift ideas, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your choice at once. On Father’s Day, hug your dad and thank him for all the sacrifices he does, for raising you well, and for staying devoted to your family.