Koreanovelas, Adulting and Family

April 16, 2021


Mula nang mag-lockdown, mas maraming Pinoy ang naging mahilig sa panonood ng mga Korean TV series o KDramas. Because we were forced to stay home, ang iba sa atin ay humanap ng iba’t ibang pagkakaabalahan o outlet habang nasa loob ng bahay. Pero ano nga ba ang dahilan ng pagkahumaling natin sa mga Koreanovelas sa kabila ng matinding language barrier at bakit kapag naumpisahan, parang di na natin ito mabitawan? 


Bukod sa mga good-looking “oppas” at fairly-skinned and flawless na bidang babae, marami ang nahu-hook sa panonood ng mga KDramas dahil na rin sa bago, mabilis at minsa’y kakaibang takbo ng kwento. Hindi lang sila puro pakilig at ‘di naman laging romance lang ang tema. Some Korean dramas also explore other genres and, more often than not, the series you watched until the wee hours of the morning may have left you valuable lessons about life, love and family. 

Aside from luring us with binge-worthy content and impressive production value, Korean dramas usually tug at the Filipino’s heartstrings because they also feature the same core values we hold dear gaya ng pagiging sama-sama at malapit sa pamilya, pagmahahal at respeto sa magulang, pagsasakripisyo, etc. There’s always a character or a scene that will remind you of home. May mga pagkakapareho ang mga Pinoy sa ibang kaugalian ng mga Koreans kaya marami ang nakaka-relate sa mga Koreanovelas.

In Korea, respect, especially for the eldely, is immensely important. It is a pillar of their tradition and even built into their language. During meal times or social gatherings, certain behavior protocols are to be followed in front of their seniors or bosses such as never pouring a drink to your glass as someone else will do it, turning a little to your side when taking a shot, receiving or accepting your food or drink with two hands.

Koreans also have close family ties. Children are taught to be respectful of their elders and express their opinions politely. It’s not uncommon to see some grown-ups still living with their parents and providing them financially. The hit series START-UP highlights this strong sense of connection among kin. It tells the story of young adults who launch their own startup companies. One of these teams is SamSan Tech. Inspired by the lead character’s grandmother who has a slowly deteriorating vision, they pursue an image recognition program with sound that would assist the blind. 

Sometimes, our sense of family even goes beyond our immediate cluster. Another series, REPLY 1988, similarly mirrors a strong sense of community and togetherness.  Set in the year 1988, this coming-of-age drama revolves around five friends and their families living in the same neighborhood. Minsan kahit ang ating mga kapitbahay at mga katrabaho ay itinuturing na rin nating kapamilya, patunay ng malakas na ‘barangayan/bayanihan’ spirit nating mga Pilipino.

One way or another, our personal dreams and aspirations are influenced by the people we grew up with. Our decisions are motivated by those who surround us. In ITAEWON CLASS, the main character is driven to succeed in spite of all the hardships thrown at him not just because he desires to prove himself but also because he wants to seek revenge for his father.

Maybe this also explains our penchant for KDramas. We connect with the wide spectrum of emotions they present. It provides us more than an ‘escape’ dahil kahit papaano’y natutulungan at naiimpluwensiyahan din tayo sa ating mga desisyon.  More than being a form of entertainment, these shows trigger realizations and give encouragement. Na kapag malinaw sa’yo kung para saan o kanino ang pangarap mo, matutupad mo ito kahit ano pang hadlang ang harapin mo.

Filipinos are known to put their families first before all else. Karamihan sa atin ay nagtatrabaho buong maghapon and would even go the extra mile just to provide food on the table. Kahit kina tito at tita o kina lolo at lola, we show our concern, love and support. This can be the reason why those who usually inquire about insurance products now are between 18 to 25 years old. They request information either on behalf of or for elderly loved ones which only shows kung gaano kahalaga ang kanilang magulang para sa kanila. 

Now that your parents have gotten old and weak, it’s about time that you take care of them and look after their welfare. It’s your turn to return the favor and give them what they truly deserve.

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