Know More About Our Healthcare Plans

January 29, 2016

Ever thought of finally getting an insurance policy, but you still feel intimidated by the complicated insurance terms?

It can feel daunting to hear the words like convalescence benefit and cash value, when you’ve only heard them for the first time.

We understand that, which is why we at Paramount Direct made this article to make the complicated simple. We want to help you understand the basics of our Health Care Insurance, and Life and Accidental Insurance plans.

Health Care Plans

We offer a wide range of hospitalization plans for those between the ages of 20-75. This includes individual, couple, and family coverage.

Our healthcare plans were built in order to alleviate the costs brought on by an untimely hospitalization.

The Benefits of Paramount Direct’s Health Care Plans are:

Daily Cash Benefit – A daily allowance is allocated for each day that the insured is confined in the hospital.

Daily ICU Benefit – For each day the insured stays in the ICU, a daily allowance is also given. This is paid in addition to the daily cash benefit

Surgical Cash Benefit – If you are requiring medical surgery, we offer cash assistance through covering a certain percentage of specific surgeries.

Convalescence Benefit – To aid in the continuous recovery of the insured, once they are confined for 30 days or more, a lump sum is given.

Life and Accident Plans

We understand how no amount of money can alleviate the pain of the loss of a loved one, but we just want to make sure that a family has something to rely on once the unfortunate happens.

We offer life coverage for those between the ages of 40-75, with lifetime coverage.

As for the number of beneficiaries, there is no limit as to the number of beneficiaries you can assign, so as long as you are married or blood-related.

The Benefits of Paramount Direct’s Life Plans are:

Life Benefit – In the event that the insured passes due to natural causes, their beneficiary/ies are entitled to the full life benefit.

Accidental Death Benefit – If the insured passes due to an accident, the life benefit automatically doubles.

Builds Cash Value – This savings component of our life plans gives you the added benefit of building cash values. Depending on the years of your policy, it will start to build certain cash value. You can choose to borrow cash based on this value later in life.

What do our plans have in common?

Worldwide Coverage – No matter where you are in the world, you know that you are protected.

Guaranteed Acceptance – There is no need for you to neither answer any medical questions nor undergo any medical exams. Simply fill-out the application form and you will receive your policy contract delivered right to your doorstep.

We hope that this article was helpful enough to provide you with insight about how our plans can protect you.

If you are still not sure about insurance and its numerous benefits, feel free to contact us, our Policy Relationship Managers would be more than happy to assist you.