Keeping Your Family Healthy

August 16, 2019

Raising a family is not always easy, especially in a culture where families, like in the Philippines, tend to be close-knit. Parents are a big influence on their children, which is why they always need to set good examples. They play an important role in creating a nurturing environment for their children, so it's important that they teach healthy habits early on and instill values that their children could pass on to the next generations.

These days, there are several health issues in the Philippines, where many Filipinos suffer from heart disease, autoimmune disease, lifestyle diseases, or other common diseases. Here are the different ways on how you can avoid these illnesses and keep your family healthy:

Have an active lifestyle - Be a role model to your children. Take advantage of the time when you can still be active while your children are still young. Practice daily, fun activities that are appropriate for your kids’ age so they won’t get bored easily, such as exercising in the morning, stretching, walking or jogging, cleaning the house, scheduling camping or hiking on a weekend, going to the park, bicycling, and so on. Going to a family health spa is another fun activity that you can try for some relaxation bonding. All these activities will not only make your bones and muscles stronger but strengthen your relationship as a family as well.

Motivating the whole family to be active decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity or heart disease, which are some of the top diseases in the Philippines currently.

Have a balanced diet - Food and celebrations are always part of any Filipino occasion. Remember, your children imitate you, so if you want your family to remain healthy and happy, teach them the right food intake. Make sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet filled with the proper nutrients, and teach your children to do the same.

Eating well is the key to life-long fitness and help ward off health complications. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, as this gives you the energy to keep you going throughout the day. Remind everyone not to skip meals and drink plenty of water. Parents should serve dishes with chicken, fish or vegetables, and avoid fatty meats as much as possible. For desserts, serve fruits rather than sweets. Also, make it a habit to have routine family meals as this gives children a sense of security and belongingness.

Have regular check-ups - Getting regular check-ups may seem like a hassle at first, but it's as important as exercising regularly and eating right. Regular health check-ups should include laboratory screenings or scans, however fit or old you may be.

Parents should have their blood checked regularly or as the doctor’s advice, while children’s vaccines and boosters should be complete and monitored closely. Being proactive in health screenings help identify abnormalities that indicate the presence of any diseases, and can help you save on medical expenses in the long run. Most diseases are cheaper and easier to cure in their initial stages, so early detection is always the key. Don’t miss out on the chance to increase your lifespan and improve your family’s health. Visit your doctor starting today!

Buy health insurance - Being healthy does not guarantee that you or any of your family members will always be free from sickness or injuries. Parents should secure family health insurance while still young and healthy to keep monthly health insurance premiums low. With the rising costs of hospitalization, it's possible that simple savings may not be enough to cover unexpected medical expenses.

Paramount insurance provides affordable health insurance products such as the HealthCare Cash Plan. This health insurance product gives you financial assistance for hospitalizations due to sickness or injury. The benefits of HealthCare Cash Plan are directly paid to the insured after being discharged from confinement, that means you're free to decide where to spend your reimbursements.

You, your spouse and all your children from 0 months up to 20 years old can be protected for as low as Php 404 premium monthly. Payment period for this plan is up to 10 years, while coverage is extended up to 20 years for your added peace of mind.

The HealthCare Cash Plan benefits are as follows: Daily Cash benefit of up to Php4,000, Daily ICU benefit of up to Php4,000, Daily Dread Disease Cash benefit of up to Php8,000, Lump Sum Convalescence benefit of up to Php80,000, and Maximum Surgical benefit of up to Php80,000.

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