Keeping Your Dad Happy and Healthy This Father's Day

June 14, 2019

Fathers are called Haligi ng Tahanan because, in traditional family settings, they're the ones who provide food on the table and lead the family in decision-making. Although times have changed and we now live in a more egalitarian era, in the Philippines the role of a father as a breadwinner is still practiced by the majority. Being a father is no joke, as aside from providing for the family, they also have to make sure that they make time for family occasions, children’s events, and for their wife or partner.

The traditional characteristics of fatherhood include being the toughest, most hardworking, and strongest in the family. However, like anyone, your father is also susceptible to any sickness or injury that may come his way. Working outside and being exposed to the sun or inside an office, your dad can develop or acquire an illness related to his daily activities.

If you look at the top health problem for men as well as the most deadly worldwide, statistically cardiovascular-related diseases heart attacks rank at number one. Anyone can be a target of this disease due to lifestyle choices or genetic predisposition. Prostate cancer is also in the list of top common health problems for men. While prostate cancer symptoms can easily be identified, the specific cause of cancer, however, has not yet been detected. It can be hereditary or due to environmental problems or chemical exposure. Diabetes, kidney, and lung problems are also among the leading causes of death for men worldwide.

With all the common threats that may affect your father’s health, it's important to note that as his child, you have a responsibility to take care of your dad, especially ageing fathers who need close attention. Here are some of the ideas that will surely make your father happy and healthy, not just this Father’s Day but every day.

  1. Monitoring his diet. No one is immune to diseases. Anyone young or old can be a target for an illness. With the kind of environment we live in today and the food options or vices that are available everywhere, lifestyle and diet-related diseases can develop earlier and more quickly.

    Making sure that you show you care by monitoring what your dad eats can be a modest gesture of appreciation. Having your dad eat healthy by consuming low-fat, fibre-rich foods, and adding fruits and vegetables to his diet can help him prevent heart disease or any major illnesses.

  2. Regular exercise. Your dad needs regular exercise which can help him have a strong state of mind and body. Going for a walk together in the morning, accommodating him to a yoga or aerobics session can not just help him, but will create a close bond with you both.

  3. Help him explore new hobbies. Your dad is ageing and his body will start to weaken. Finding out new sports or activities appropriate for his age will help him have a sturdy body and posture. If he’s not into sports, you may find other activities for him that will not require physical strength, like board games or signing up to charitable events. You can also buy him books that he can enjoy.

  4. Take him on a vacation. It is good to make a long and lasting memory with your dad. Treat him somewhere where he can enjoy. It could be the beach, the rural countryside, or out of the country. The bond that you will share together will mean a lot to him. Taking him for a vacation for a few days creates good memories that could last a lifetime.

  5. Get him insurance. Make him smile by giving him a Father's Day gift— not one that's expensive, but the kind that he will truly appreciate. If your dad is always on the go, how about a good and classic wristwatch or a sturdy set of shoes? For fathers that are under maintenance, buy him a supply of medicine that he needs. However, if you want a gift that will benefit him in the long run, give him the best health insurance plan that fits for his active but weakening body. PrimeCare Cash Plan of ParamountDirect is perfect for fathers aged 50 to 75 years old. It has different plans specific to his needs and does not require a medical examination.

PrimeCare Cash Plan coverage includes up to P80,000 of Maximum Surgical Cash Benefit. The monthly payment starts at P213 and will guarantee him that benefit will be given even if his outside the Philippines. The effectivity date begins once the first premium is paid, which means no long wait times.

The role of fathers in the family is incredibly important, which is why it is essential that fathers be protected anytime and anywhere. The PrimeCare Cash Plan with its daily hospital cash and daily ICU cash benefit could definitely assist him in case health-related mishaps or emergencies happen. Trusting ParamountDirect for your father's health can give him confidence and keep him worry-free.

This Father’s Day, show your dad that you care and that he deserves to be free from all the stress around him, whether at work or in his health and body.

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