January 1, 2021

If you’ve been greeted with “Congrats!” instead of the usual “Happy New Year” to welcome 2021, you’re not alone. For many, the past year has been way too grabe and malas that ending it in one piece and unscathed is already a major feat. Others would even liken it to the 90’s cult classic Jumanji, where characters play a supernatural board game that unleashes chaos with every turn they take.

But while 2020 is probably considered one of the worst years ever, it is also deemed ‘a blessing in disguise’ because despite the natural catastrophes, outbreaks and health threats, social and political unrest, economic decline, career uncertainties and overwhelming routine changes, great things still did happen. With many people forced to stay indoors due to the coronavirus lockdowns, Mother Earth has surprisingly managed to heal itself. Adversities also tested and brought out the best in humanity. People became more reflective and compassionate. Mas naging matulungin ka ba sa ibang tao? Mas kumapit ka ba sa Faith mo? Mas naa-appreciate mo ba ang pamilya mo ngayon dahil mas marami ka nang oras na kasama sila? Mas naging matipid ka ba sa pera dahil sa hirap ng buhay nitong nagdaang taon?  What if 2020 was the gentle tap on the shoulder we all needed – a reminder to re-evaluate old habits and lifestyles, a signal to re-analyze existing choices and priorities, or simply a sign to redirect.

Why redirect? Why not?

To redirect, according to Oxford Languages, means ‘to direct something to a new or different place or purpose’. Redirecting requires no age, gender or financial status. It is a review of the roads you’ve chosen in your life journey and the paths you’re planning to take in the future. Tama pa ba ang daan na gusto mong tahakin? The coming year provides an opportune time to reset not just your goals but your priorities and values as well. Do you want to take charge and be more in control of your life? Whatever your decision, dapat tuloy lang ang biyahe ng buhay. Don’t pull the plug on your purpose.

Check the way you react and behave towards situations. Did you worry too much during the pandemic? Were you worried because COVID 19 was beyond your control or were you scared because you and your loved ones weren’t physically, emotionally and even financially ready to face its consequences? Gaano ka ba kahanda? Deal with these negative thoughts by replacing them with happier, more courageous actions that can make you feel better. Social media can offer mental and emotional support but too much engagement can also sometimes feed toxicity and lead to a digital burnout. Redirecting your focus might help restore your confidence, peace of mind and even your sanity.

Don’t be afraid to redirect. Stretch in new directions so you can evolve and grow. Continue to discover yourself. You want to start a passion project? Go! You want to be more financially independent? Push mo yan! You feel ready to take on responsibilities? Tuloy mo lang! You’re dead set on having a love life? Bakit hindi? If there’s one lesson 2020 should be teaching us, it’s that life’s too short and that it’s never too late to turn it around.

Paramount Direct is with you as you #redirect in 2021. Huwag kang matakot. Kaya yan.