Imagine Life without Insurance

July 22, 2016

You may be living a life without any insurance right now. As far as today, you have lived your whole life without really needing insurance. It is easy to take this type of protection for granted because we always think that we do not need it and also since we know that we can easily sign-up for it.

We thrive on that “I can get it later” attitude. Have you ever thought of the what if’s though?

What if…

You were on your way to work, like how you do every day and the bus/car/vehicle that you were in suddenly veered off the road making you end up in the hospital. How would you be able to pay off all of those hospital bills? But what about the medicines you would have to take? Or the bills left at home?

Or you do really think that doesn’t apply to you now?

Well how about if you finally get on that long awaited getaway, but you get to the airport and your flight gets cancelled, or you get to your dream destination and the airline had lost your luggage. Or maybe you get ill or suffer from an accident while you’re abroad.

The budget you set aside for your trip will be messed up and you will be in even more trouble when that budget runs out even before you’ve enjoyed your vacation.

What if…

We lived in a world that did not have any insurance at all. That financial protection was never there. That you always went on with your life full of financial risks, never being certain how you will be able to pay all the expenses you’ve suddenly incurred.

There is…

Health insurance, for your hospitalization needs. For when you end up sick, you receive cash assistance for each day that you are confined.

Life insurance is there for the loved ones you have left behind. So you are sure that they are taken cared of despite their loss.

Yes, insurance does have one main function, to protect. To not have insurance means that you are without security. Thankfully, with just one click you can easily sign up and get insurance protect. So stop making excuses for yourself and stop waiting until it’s too late to buy insurance protection.