How to Travel on a Budget

July 1, 2016

It feels exhilarating to be able to explore a new place, whether it is on your own or with your friends or family. That feeling of meeting new people and learning about a new destination is indescribable, one must experience it in order to know how exhilarating it is.

Being young, you have this spirit to constantly go and see what else the world has to offer. Whether it be conquering that mountain or visiting that flea market you have always read about online.

That constant traveling may be good for your emotions but not so much for your bank account. You often set yourself on a tight budget and that is not always easy to do. Here are a few tips to help you cure your wanderlust without hurting your wallet.

1. Travel during the off-season

Tourists usually flock to most places to maximize the good weather, this makes rates like hotels, tours and even the food, increase. Since these prices obviously correspond to the demand.

Plus traveling during the peak season means that most places that you go to will be crowded. You will not be able to enjoy the sights and sounds as much as you would want to.

Traveling during off-peak season does have its cons, yes you do get lower prices but it may come with gloomy weather, so it is best to study and research on the dates that you would like to visit.

2. Anticipate seat sales

For almost every month you will see advertisements about seat sales whether it is for domestic or international flights. It may be tempting to book that seat right away, but you also need to try to compare each available airline’s flights, as one may be cheaper than the other.

To make sure that you are always updated on the available seat sales, you can set Google alerts or sign-up to the email list to receive notifications on seat sales from budget airlines.

3. Stay in hostels or rent out a home

Now that you’ve booked that flight, where are you going to stay? We usually seek the comforts of hotels, but there are places where you can stay at a cheaper rate without sacrificing comfort.

If there are only about two of you traveling, you can opt to stay in a hostel, it offers dorm type accommodations where you get a communal experience.

Now if you’re traveling as a large group it may be wiser to simply rent out a house. You have access to a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and you are not bothered by the feeling of having strangers among you.

Now, in the unlikely event of an emergency have you ever thought of how you are going to pay for those bills? You can never tell when you will fall ill or meet an accident, it is practically unavoidable, and this makes travel insurance fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Travel insurance is a type of comprehensive insurance where an individual or a group can be insured while on their trip. Think about it, once you end up in the hospital that budget you have taken care of becomes skewed and you may even not have enough money to pay for your treatment.

The next time that you plan to go on that much deserved trip, make sure to do your research, and try to follow these tips, so you can have worry-free travels all the way.