How to Say NO to Negativity

January 15, 2021

If you keep thinking negative thoughts, don't be surprised when negative things happen.

How to say no to negativity

“Ang hirap naman nyan, baka hindi ko yan kaya”

“Hindi na talaga ’ko papayat!”

“Ang hirap naman ng buhay, wala na’kong pera!”

“Hindi ako magaling”

“Kulubot na ang balat ko!”

Do these lines look familiar to you? Have you been hearing a lot of these lines from others...and even yourself lately?

Overcoming negativity during these tough times can be a challenge. Sometimes, it's easier to just procrastinate and dwell on the negative. Aside from the external factors which feed your ugly, destructive feelings, there’s also that harsh inner critic that you constantly have to wrestle with. You struggle against unwanted emotions that drain your energy and prevent you from enjoying experiences and appreciating relationships. Pero kung wala kang balak maging ‘negastar’ habambuhay, mas mabuting panatilihin mong maging positibo ang pag-iisip mo para makapagdulot ng maganda hindi lang sa’yo kundi pati na rin sa ibang tao.

stop negative thinking

It’s time to bounce back in 2021. Iwan mo na ang lahat ng hindi magagandang bagay na nangyari sa’yo nung nakaraang taon pati na rin ang mga taong hindi naging mabuti ang naidulot sa buhay mo. Sa madaling sabi, “Goodbye negativity!

Live a stress-free life by sparing yourself from toxic people and situations. You’ll be surprised at how this can remarkably improve not just your emotional but your physical health as well. Pero, paano nga ba makaiiwas sa bad vibes at gawing mas masaya ang buhay araw-araw? Here are some tips to help you clear your headspace, achieve that well-deserved inner calm and break the negative thinking patterns.

Breathe and Meditate. Starting your day with meditation and deep breathing exercises can help you set your mood and clear your mind. Subukan mo, inhale...exhale. Bago mag-react ng hindi maganda, huminga ka muna. Try this and you will be surprised with the results.

Smile more. Laugh often. Smiling does not only elevate your mood and relieve your stress but also builds your confidence, improves your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and makes you look younger. Everytime you smile or laugh, it sends a message to your brain that “life is good”. So make a conscious effort to do it everyday. O, isang ngiti naman dyan!

Surround yourself with happy, positive people. Hindi masamang pumili ng mga kaibigan o makakasama especially if they can influence you to stay focused and motivated as you deal with life’s twists and turns. This doesn’t mean completely cutting some people out of your life; it’s simply setting boundaries from time to time and learning to step away from them when you need to. Gravitate towards persons who can inspire you to work harder in achieving your goals.

Focus on the bright side. This may sound cliche, but with so many terrible things going on around us, lalo na ngayong pandemya, it’s wiser to just focus on the good. Redirect your thoughts and stop assuming that the worst possible outcome is going to happen. Try putting your negative thoughts aside for they can take a toll on your health and lead to more serious problems like anxiety and depression.

Go easy on yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. Lessen self-criticism and boost self-compassion. Be confident in yourself. Sabi nga ni Christina Aguilera, “You are beautiful no matter what they say, words don’t bring you down.”

Try complaining less. Habitual complaining saps your energy. Complaining is negative by nature and gives off an unpleasant aura.

Remember that the mind is a powerful tool, so be the master of your own mind and take control of it. Being negative isn’t entirely wrong and keeping all those emotions bottled up for the sake of being positive won’t do you any good either. It’s ok to have those feelings and let them out. What’s important is to maintain balance and welcome redirection. Instead of saying “Ang hirap naman ng buhay!”, say “Ano kaya ang pwede kong gawing business para kumita?”. Or try replacing “Pa’no na ang ipon ko pag nagkasakit kahit sino sa pamilya ko? ” with “What if kumuha ako ng insurance para hindi ako mag-alala sa pamilya ko?”.

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