How To Keep Your Family Healthy During Rainy Season

September 19, 2019

It is bed and cuddle weather these days - you just want to stay in bed forever and do nothing. Cold weather has its charms but it also brings health dangers such as flu and other illnesses. So, bring out your cool jackets, rain boots and other rain gears and find out how to keep yourself and your family safe with these health tips for the rainy season:

Wash your hands regularly

Our active hands can easily pick up bacteria wherever we go. Regular hand washing is the best way to prevent getting bacteria and viruses and keep away diseases such as flu, cough and colds. Make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly especially before and after using the toilet and eating a meal. Live by example to your children, teach them how handwashing keeps the germs away.

Include alcohol or hand sanitizer in your essential kit since soap and water are not always available when you need them.

Wear proper rain gear

Always wear proper rain suits and avoid walking on rain floods or puddles especially when you have an open wound as this makes you prone to leptospirosis or fungal foot infection. If you get wet in the rain, be sure to thoroughly dry off and take a shower once you get home.

Proper diet and keep hydrated

Eating healthy makes your body strong and ready to fight any illnesses. Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and supplements everyday.

Drink lots of water but make sure it’s clean and safe since this season also brings different water-borne diseases such as amoeba, it is safer to drink mineral water instead.

Keep your house clean

A dirty house can be a breeding place for insects such as mosquitos. Dengue is a common illness during the wet season because of stagnant water. Mosquitoes also like dark places and clutter, so make sure you remove all the unnecessary things in and out of your house to protect your family from contracting dengue.

Get a health care plan

Don’t decide when it’s too late. Having a health care protection for your whole family saves you from panicking when sickness strikes. It keeps your mind at ease and you don’t have to worry about hospitalization costs or medical expenses.

Paramount Direct has designed an affordable healthcare plan for you, your spouse and your children - Hospital Income Benefit Plan. This product provides cash benefits for confinement, dread disease and recuperation. For as low as Php175 per month, your whole family is protected.

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