How To Bring Out Your Inner Artist

January 29, 2021

Ma-Arte Ka?

It’s been almost a year since the country was placed under a quarantine due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Sa dami ng mga nangyari nitong mga nagdaang buwan, ano na ba ang tingin mo sa mundo ngayon? Makulay pa rin ba gaya ng lipstick at outfit mo noong pumapasok ka pa sa opisina? O kasing-putla na lang ng pintura ng bahay nyo? Di ka makapasyal o makapag-bonding man lang with friends. Ang boring at monotonous na ba ng buhay para sa’yo?

Baka naman kailangan mo lang maging maARTe!

Being artistic means being good at something that requires creativity like writing, photography, drawing, designing or arranging things in an aesthetically pleasing way. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to be creative. You may not think of yourself as artistic but most of the time your creativity or ability to imagine, create and solve is there, simply waiting patiently to be discovered.

Pero ngayong medyo bawal ang lumabas, papaano mo nga ba mapalalabas ang inner Van Gogh or Picasso or Juan Luna mo? How do you paint a more colorful world within the confines of your home? What if may talent ka pala to make beautiful melodies ala Ed Sheeran or may killer dance moves ka palang pang-BTS? 

Quote of Pablo Picasso

Here are fun and simple tips on how to unleash your creative side:

1. Know your self-expression. Ano ba ang nagpapa-kalma ng isip mo? What makes you feel alive and free? Do you like listening to music, reading books, watching the scenery, writing poetry, baking pastries, painting or doodling? Maging plantito o plantita? Let that be your creative outlet. Mahahanap mo rin ang spark mo. Now that almost every tutorial is available online, kayang-kaya mong mag-aral at matuto.

2. Get started. Just start trying something. Go out and take photos using your phone; grab a pen and write; learn to play the guitar or the piano; hum or  compose a song. Don’t limit yourself and imagination. Explore. Art can be anything. Ano pa ba’ng hinihintay mo, simulan na yan!!

3. Practice. If you want to become the best in whatever you do, keep doing it. Practice makes perfect. Kung epic fail ang unang cake na ginawa mo, try mong gumawa ulit. Sabi nga nilakailangan mong madapa at bumangon nang paulit-ulit hanggang maging mahusay ka’. It may sound cliché, but it’s true.

Research shows that even great artists, scientists or mathematicians took more than a decade to master their own craft.

Sabi nga ni Michelangelo, “If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”

We are all creative in our own right. Unlock, hone and improve your artistic side through actual practice and years of experience.

4. Share your work. Even if you feel anxious about showing your work to your friends, loved ones or to the world, do it!

A French artist once said, “Creativity takes courage”. Expressing your creative mind takes a lot of boldness, but you have to pursue it. Sharing your creativity may even inspire others to do the same. Malay mo, ikaw pa ang maging way for them to discover their artistic side or maybe you can turn that talent or creativity into a business. Why not, diba? 

Creativity can have a significant impact on you. First, it gives you a sense of achievement. Second, it allows you to see what you need to improve on in your work and in yourself. Third, you’ll discover the right way or right approach towards your artwork. Fourth, you’ll gain self-confidence and lastly, you’ll learn to trust yourself.  Above all, you become a great problem solver, not only in work, but in all areas of your life. Tamang-tama, since we’re also celebrating National Arts Month this February, let your creativity flourish and shine!

Being more aware of your talents, skills and capabilities leads to personal wholeness and self-empowerment. Thus, your journey to self-discovery allows you to discover your authentic self. Mas makikilala mong mabuti kung sino ka. At ang pagkakaroon ng perfect balance between your thoughts and your lifestyle ay makakatulong para magkaron ka ng inner peace. Dahil dito,  mas madaling gumawa ng mga desisyon hindi lang para sa sarili mo kundi para na rin sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. There’s a better understanding of your needs and how to fulfill them.

Paramount Direct is more than excited to be with you in this journey to self-discovery. Kasama mo kami sa pagiging maARTe mo! We try our best to understand your mindset. 

It’s never too late to #redirect your life for the better, may COVID 19 man o wala. Visit to learn more about us and our products.