Healthy Aging

September 15, 2023

As you age, your body becomes more fragile and your reflexes slow down, making you more prone to slips, trips, and falls. And, as your health deteriorates, your immune system weakens, making you more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. These make you feel less inclined to go outside or engage in physical activities, leading you to stay at home and be less productive.

You can still live a vibrant and healthy life, though, no matter your age. Here are some suggestions for staying healthy and active as you get older.

  1. Exercising everyday. Walking for 15–20 minutes a day would do the body well. It keeps the blood flowing, improves your cardiovascular system, and gets you out of the house.

  1. Having a healthier diet. Eating with less oil, less fat, and less salt will also keep your body feeling fresh and light.

  1. Maintain a Positive Outlook. Cultivate a positive attitude, practice gratitude, and focus on the things that bring joy and fulfillment to your life.

  1. Social Interaction: Stay connected with friends and family. Social engagement reduces feelings of isolation and promotes emotional well-being.

  1. Always get yourself checked. An annual checkup from your doctor can go a long way. Being monitored is a good way to find diseases or illnesses early before they get critical.

At Paramount Direct, we help you age without worries with PrimeCare Cash Plan, a healthcare plan that helps seniors manage medical expenses during hospital confinements. 

PrimeCare Cash Plan provides a cash benefit of up to PHP4,000 per day when hospitalized due to any covered sickness or injury; an additional cash benefit of up to PHP4,000 per day when admitted to an ICU; and a lump sum benefit of up to PHP80,000 when a covered surgery is performed. Premium starts at PHP 213 per month. Eligible for ages 50–75 years old.

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