February 25, 2022

Good bye Covid-19

The moment we’ve all been waiting for could just be here. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Omicron wave which started in December 2021 can only last for 3 months. Based on their mathematical projection, the endemic will happen in March 2022. 

What is the difference between Pandemic and Endemic?

A pandemic is when a disease is spread worldwide and out of control while endemic is a disease outbreak constantly present in a particular country or region which means that
COVID-19 will not leave us and will continue to infect people. But the virus will start to weaken and the risk to public health will definitely be reduced.

The WHO confirms that although we cannot end the virus entirely, the good news is that there will be lesser infections after the Omicron wave. 

Is the Worst Over?

The experts are certain that new COVID-19 variants will continue to emerge. But we can be optimistic that this year could be a turning point to the pandemic. Many people will have immune protection from vaccination and natural infection. Thus, there will be no more surge in cases and pressure on the health care system.

What will the future look like?

Ultimately, COVID-19 will never disappear just like malaria and HIV viruses which continue to infect and kill thousands of people every year.

Health experts say, once the endemic transpires, COVID-19 will be just like an ordinary flu. If you fall ill and show symptoms, you will be advised to wear a mask and stay home. Antigen or RT PCR tests will be more available and affordable for easier testing. More children will get vaccinated and boosters will be given to adults yearly.

is there a way out?

Is there a way out?

The only way to prevent the spread of the virus is to practice safety health protocols such as:

  • Washing your hands with soap and water

  • Avoiding touching your mouth, eyes, and nose

  • Disinfecting your things and household surfaces regularly

  • Observing social distancing

  • Wearing face coverings like face masks or face shields when going out

  • Getting vaccinated and boosted

Aside from doing preventive care measures, you also need to add a layer of protection on your finances in case you or any of your family members get sick and need hospital care.

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COVID-19 will be endemic, but make sure to stay cautious and always #redirect away from any risks.